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hussein prophecy

February 28, 2008

sure enough, the tennessee republican party came out and used obama’s FULL name, barack hussein obama, in their attempt to play the israeli card. this was clearly a scare tactic to make jewish people feel that obama would be a detriment to the state of israel. dirty, dirty, dirty. even the national republican committee rebuked the tennessee branch for their malevolent intent.

time to play DISSIN’ FOR DOLLARS”. send in your checks as soon as possible and let’s show those nasty republicans that their malice has been turned into might—-for obama. YES WE CAN.

yo mama for obama


February 26, 2008

hi all-

just a short comment today. headlines in the washington post say that obma’s lead is widening. furthermore, whispers of hillary making a graceful exit are out there also. let’s be very careful: we cannot get complacent about this race. keep talking about obama’s message and keep sending in those dollars. nothing is a given; in fact, its when you least expect a surprise that things can make a total u-turn.

after the last debate in austin, senator john warner (basically a decent guy) came out and was a little irate at obama’s claims that our overseas troops were not getting the supplies they need. for the life of me, i cannot figure out why warner was so taken aback by this: the troops haven’t been getting the vehicle armor, the protective vests, the arms, etc. for years now. last night on there was a lead article saying that the marines are holding our gov’t. responsible for hundreds of deaths of our troops because they did not get the supplies they needed. this is old news. but despite warner’s request that obama give his source of info on this, it seems to be true. once again, people are trying to make obama seem like hot air, like there’s no substance to him. wrong. he’s got so much going for him that he doesn’t need to make up things.

more to follow on comments regarding a jewish backlash against obama.

2/21/08 debate

February 23, 2008

my friends (heh-heh-heh):

the democratic debate the other night was civil and informative.   will wonders ever cease?  the differences between the 2 candidates are more of style and generational clashes rather than substance.

hillary was wonderful.  first off, i want to say that if i or my country were in deep trouble, i’d want her fighting for us.  she’s as smart as a whip, demonstrating a broad understanding of policy with specific solutions.  her healthcare mandate is exactly what is required:  everyone must participate or else the system would unravel.  i think obama’s plan is really along the same lines, just a different way of getting there.

her problems are simply this:  if she declares her 35 years of public service as her foundation, she cannot have it both ways.  part of those 35 years included being the wife of a governor and president.  besides many good things that came out of those tenures, there were also negative things.  and she cannot ask the public to just remenber the good while excluding the bad.  its all part and parcel of her history.  some people call it baggage.  its not that she should be punished for it, but certainly if she wants us to vote for her based on that history, she must face up to it ALL.

secondly, part of her history is the generation she came up in.  in politics, especially in our congress over the last decade, there has been total inertia.  the partisanship has been overwhelming (re: immigration, health care, katrina, environmental issues, etc.)   to the detriment of the american people.  hillary has definitely been a part of this gridlock, and sometimes compromised her way out of any solutions and  her beliefs.   mccain is also part of this gridlock.  this is the message that the american people are trying to deliver in the democratic race for the nomination.  we’re sick and tired of this lack of inertia and we’re not going to take it anymore.

this is where 0bama comes in.   his political solutions are not that different from hillary’s.  however, his message definitely is.  we need to reconcile our divisive  party beliefs into policies and solutions that will benefit our citizens.  enough games.

obama is a gentleman and a scholar.  do not doubt for a minute that he lacks the brain power, creativity and backbone to design and deal with the nitty gritty aspects of policy.  its just that he is stressing, at this point, his emphasis on reconciliation.  and he is correct:  without some sort of reconciliation between the parties, there will be no policy changes.  that’s what has happened over the last decade.  to those of you who say he hasn’t enough experience, you are right.  he’s had 15 fewer years than hillary of fighting for the party rather than for the people.  i think that is a big plus.  nothing will get done if we do not overcome this personal and political ambition that exists in out government today.  so i say, good for obama.  let’s have a different generational outlook.  god knows the old one didn’t work.

finally, obama never ceases to amaze me every time he ignores the negative and pushes then positive.  at the debate, when one of the questioners asked about a possible looming battle over superdelegates, he said that he really wasn’t concerned about that and has faith in the american people to do the fair thing.  similarly, 3 weeks ago when he was interviewd on 60 minutes, his answer to the question, would you sling mud in the campaign with hillary, his answer was that its just not in him to act like that.  both his superdelegate and mud responses were then followed by his turning the message to bring POSITIVE results.  this is the only way we can possibly accomplish any significant change in this country.  civility first, policy second.  partisanship is akin to paralysis.

at last, kudos to mrs. obama, barack’s mama.  she raised him (with his grandparents) alone since he was 2 years old.  now granted, she was given great material to work with, but she did a fantastic job.  this is the message:  lets have effective, put-our-heads-and-hands-together government that will benefit all americans.  set an example so that we americans can take responsibility for our lives.

DISSIN’ FOR DOLLARS – ground rules

February 21, 2008

ok.  here are some ground rules for DISSIN’ FOR DOLLARS:

1.  every time obama gets personally dissed by mccain or hillary, take out your checkbooks and write a check to “OBAMA FOR AMERICA”.  on the line on the bottom left corner, write in :”DISSIN’ FOR DOLLARS”.  and all of you millenials, put away your charge cards.  you need to send a check so that the obama organization can see all the donations that are a direct result of sleazy campaign tactics.  remember—we’re turning dirt into nice, slime into decency.
2.  pace yourselves:  obviously, there will be ample slurs from hillary and mccain.  so let’s count on many, many smaller donations to spread out the donations for a larger impact.  if a million people just gave $1 every time hillary or mccain slammed obama, would we have a “nice” movement on our hands, or what?
3.  send your check to:  obama for america, p.o. box 802798, chicago, illinois 60680.
4.  imagine the impact when all of these checks come in and obama is rewarded for being a gentleman.  also, hillary and mccain just might see the foolishness of their negative ways and actually turn to issues of substance instead of personal slurs.
5.  so i will try to document all the attacks, and when i do, give, give, give!!!  email everyone you know about “DISSIN’ FOR DOLLARS”.  let’s make this an onslaught.  i am sure our campaign will begin tonight with the clinton/obama debate.
thank you one and all.  YES WE CAN.
yo mama for obama


February 20, 2008

hi folks-
here we go!  you want change?  here’s what we need to do:
every time hillary or mccain use their smear tactics against obama, every time they get down and dirty, every time they distort and lie, we donate to the obama campaign.  as gloria estefan said, “turn the beat around”:  lets turn negativity into positivity.  let’s make nice out of dirt.  i think it’ll be amazing how much nicer and more cordial hillary will become (is my naivite STILL showing?).  let’s do it.  YES WE CAN.
yo mama for obama

today’s POSITIVE thoughts

February 20, 2008

hi again-
forgive me all that negativity of my last post. not a good way to start a brand new day. i’m just bummed because my baby girl (of the human persuasion) left this a.m. to go back home to seattle and my other baby girl (of the canine persuasion) has a bad limp. hey you Brownies, remember when you came here for spring break in college? castinamaria was just a puppy. but now she’s teetering on old-lady-hood.
regarding obama, just keep talking to people. stress his message, stress his intellectual abilities, and above all, stress his deviation from personal dirty attacks. when he was on 60 minutes 2 weeks ago, he said its just not in his make-up to sling dirt, and he won’t do it. i really thought hillary would rise to that occasion, but alas, her desire to be prez trumps all decency.
also, donate whatever you can to obama’s campaign. $1, $5, $20—doesn’t matter. just keep doing it. i donate every time someone makes a personal slur against obama. if hillary only knew that maybe she’s shut up. hey. why don’t we start a new campaign: “dollar dissing”—-each time mccain or hillary diss obama, let’s up our giving.
yo mama for obama

today’s thoughts

February 20, 2008

hi all-
the more successful obama is, the more scared i get—-for him and our country.
hillary and mccain are poison.  more of the same old-school, twisted negativity that has ruled this country for years.  hillary couldn’t find any dirt on obama so she took his most obvious strong point—-his wonderful way to inspire with words—-and actually used it against him. now it appears that an individual who has a talent for motivating people, for communicating honesty and hope, an ability to get us off our asses and work for something we believe in is being labeled as a man who will actually harm us if elected president.  last night mccain referred to “empty eloquence” as an underhanded reference to (an unnamed) obama.  i fully expect either or both hillary and mccain to slip in obama’s middle name:  hussein.  and then let the american public run with that for a while.  i’ve heard some talking heads say this destructive behavior is necessary as a test of obama—to prove that he can withstand the rigors of a national campaign and presidency.  this is a load of malarkey.  nevertheless, it is the great american way of do-or-die, me and my personal ambition first, f-u politics.
it is my hope that the american people will rise above this and say enough.  but i am not very optimistic.  hillary will dredge up and make up anything she has to in order to secure her position as prez. mccain will do the same with false patriotism and scare tactics.  this “politics as usual” is no longer acceptable.  however, citizens must be educated (i.e. pick up a book and read it), must work at defying this unfounded demagougery.  it takes time and effort and lets face it, most americans are working 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet.  they like easy.  last week, mayor bloomberg hit the nail on the head when he likened the economic stimulus package to”giving an alcoholic more drinks”.  unfortunately foremost on many americans minds is simply where their next flat-screened t.v. is coming
from.  rush limbaugh calls obama “messianic” because of his phenomenal ability to stay on message and rouse the public.  did he consider ronald reagan “messianic”?  of course not—-just a real american.  could it be that rush simply liked reagan’s politics more than obama’s?  this is the kind of twisted, emotionally fired tactics that are so destructive.  it is all about spin.  if hillary and mccain subscribe to this dishonesty before the election, imagine the deceitfulness they will use once in office.  not that different from bush-cheney tactics.
time to rise above this.  do i think it will happen?  no.  after all is said and done, when the american public goes to the polls to vote in a national election, do i believe that within the private confines of that voting booth they will actually pull the lever for a black man?  no.  i hope i am wrong.
yo mama for obama


February 12, 2008

i was at my polling place today at 6:30 a.m.  i waited fucking 8 years for this.
yes we can.
yo mama

more news

February 11, 2008

hi again-
in the last 2 hours since i wrote you, this is what i found out:

1. my daughter maribell just returned from her “southern tour”. she stayed with many friends and parents of friends. four of these people (3 old like me, 1 young like her), were lifelong republicans. guess who they are going to vote for in the national election? obama!
2. norman has a friend serving in pakistan. he is an orthopaedic surgeon who owes the military alot of years in return for his medical education. he hails from new orleans, and his family has lived there for generations. when i met this man about 2 years ago, we had a heated discussion about the war. he’s another lifelong republican and felt strongly that this war is vital for our freedom. norm just got an email from him: he’s going to vote for obama, as are many of his fellow gi’s. he just wants to “come home, marry his girlfriend, raise a family and do what he has been trained so well to do”. what they have him doing in pakistan does not even approximate orthopaedic surgery (changing oil in jeeps?).
what is going on in this country? in my own little life today, here are 5 people who are going to vote obama. they won’t go for hillary, and surprise, they won’t touch mccain.
obama has touched a nerve. this is something that harry reid, nancy pelosi coudn’t maintain 2 years ago. both sides of the aisle have no inertia, dead in the water. obama’s power is not that he is such a hero. rather he is telling each and every one of us that we are responsible, we can make a change, we can bring results.
go get those results.
yo mama for obama

so much is happening so fast

February 11, 2008

hi folks-
so much is happening so fast, it helps me to process it by writing it down.
1.  yesterday i was in CVS pharmacy and a young kid rang up my purchase.  he saw my obama sticker, and  he said, “i’m too young to vote”.  he looked crushed.  i told him to just keep talking about obama, and never, ever forget this feeling he has about this campaign.  the inspiration, the hope, and all the possibilities coming to the forefront.  know that unity, sanity, and peace can be the reality.
2.  about a year or 2 ago, i had a discussion with one of my best friends about bush, the war, etc.  my friend is a republican, which i do not hold against her.  finally i asked her, do you support this war enough so that you would feel good about your daughter losing her life to it, should her daughter choose to serve?  she said, absolutely.  as for me, i wouldn’t go that easily.  i would do anything, including having my kids committed as mentally unstable,  to save their lives.  no cause, but especially this war, is worth my child’s life.  i bring this up for 2 reasons:  first, the hillary/obama campaign will come down to this war.  that will be the final differentiating point.  secondly, i came across a quote by golda meir:  “we will have peace when they love their children more than they hate us.”  can you understand how that got me going?  you can argue about taxes, the supreme court, health care, oil, terrorism etc., but don’t tell me that my kids’ lives are worth all that bullshit.  go use somebody else’s kids (like maybe your own, mr. bush) .
3.  so 3 cheers for the state of maine.  get a person in maryland, virginia and d.c. to move their ass and vote tomorrow.  as a young person, if you feel strongly about this obama phenomenon, trust me, as a parent, it is magnified a hundred times…….and so worth it.