more bs

I have more news for you today.
My friend’s 25 year old daughter went to a rally for Hillary at Geo. Washington university today. Hillsie was 4 hours late and her prep staff would give no indication as to when she would show up. Once again, what’s good for Hillsie is not applicable to your run-of-the-mill citizen. When she did get there, she offered no reason or apology for her lateness. After all, her audience was just kids. Then she started promising free health care, free education, free this, and free that for everyone. My young friend said, “We might be young, but we’re not stupid. There’s no way we can afford all of that.” Debasing. Then she started throwing out t-shirts to the audience, and they went wild (maybe they ARE stupid after all). My friend, however, felt absolutely degraded, as well she should. I think I converted my second person this week! Yes we can. Going over to Obama’s headquarters tomorrow to see if they can use this old bag of bones.



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