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hi again-
in the last 2 hours since i wrote you, this is what i found out:

1. my daughter maribell just returned from her “southern tour”. she stayed with many friends and parents of friends. four of these people (3 old like me, 1 young like her), were lifelong republicans. guess who they are going to vote for in the national election? obama!
2. norman has a friend serving in pakistan. he is an orthopaedic surgeon who owes the military alot of years in return for his medical education. he hails from new orleans, and his family has lived there for generations. when i met this man about 2 years ago, we had a heated discussion about the war. he’s another lifelong republican and felt strongly that this war is vital for our freedom. norm just got an email from him: he’s going to vote for obama, as are many of his fellow gi’s. he just wants to “come home, marry his girlfriend, raise a family and do what he has been trained so well to do”. what they have him doing in pakistan does not even approximate orthopaedic surgery (changing oil in jeeps?).
what is going on in this country? in my own little life today, here are 5 people who are going to vote obama. they won’t go for hillary, and surprise, they won’t touch mccain.
obama has touched a nerve. this is something that harry reid, nancy pelosi coudn’t maintain 2 years ago. both sides of the aisle have no inertia, dead in the water. obama’s power is not that he is such a hero. rather he is telling each and every one of us that we are responsible, we can make a change, we can bring results.
go get those results.
yo mama for obama


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