so much is happening so fast

hi folks-
so much is happening so fast, it helps me to process it by writing it down.
1.  yesterday i was in CVS pharmacy and a young kid rang up my purchase.  he saw my obama sticker, and  he said, “i’m too young to vote”.  he looked crushed.  i told him to just keep talking about obama, and never, ever forget this feeling he has about this campaign.  the inspiration, the hope, and all the possibilities coming to the forefront.  know that unity, sanity, and peace can be the reality.
2.  about a year or 2 ago, i had a discussion with one of my best friends about bush, the war, etc.  my friend is a republican, which i do not hold against her.  finally i asked her, do you support this war enough so that you would feel good about your daughter losing her life to it, should her daughter choose to serve?  she said, absolutely.  as for me, i wouldn’t go that easily.  i would do anything, including having my kids committed as mentally unstable,  to save their lives.  no cause, but especially this war, is worth my child’s life.  i bring this up for 2 reasons:  first, the hillary/obama campaign will come down to this war.  that will be the final differentiating point.  secondly, i came across a quote by golda meir:  “we will have peace when they love their children more than they hate us.”  can you understand how that got me going?  you can argue about taxes, the supreme court, health care, oil, terrorism etc., but don’t tell me that my kids’ lives are worth all that bullshit.  go use somebody else’s kids (like maybe your own, mr. bush) .
3.  so 3 cheers for the state of maine.  get a person in maryland, virginia and d.c. to move their ass and vote tomorrow.  as a young person, if you feel strongly about this obama phenomenon, trust me, as a parent, it is magnified a hundred times…….and so worth it.


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