today’s POSITIVE thoughts

hi again-
forgive me all that negativity of my last post. not a good way to start a brand new day. i’m just bummed because my baby girl (of the human persuasion) left this a.m. to go back home to seattle and my other baby girl (of the canine persuasion) has a bad limp. hey you Brownies, remember when you came here for spring break in college? castinamaria was just a puppy. but now she’s teetering on old-lady-hood.
regarding obama, just keep talking to people. stress his message, stress his intellectual abilities, and above all, stress his deviation from personal dirty attacks. when he was on 60 minutes 2 weeks ago, he said its just not in his make-up to sling dirt, and he won’t do it. i really thought hillary would rise to that occasion, but alas, her desire to be prez trumps all decency.
also, donate whatever you can to obama’s campaign. $1, $5, $20—doesn’t matter. just keep doing it. i donate every time someone makes a personal slur against obama. if hillary only knew that maybe she’s shut up. hey. why don’t we start a new campaign: “dollar dissing”—-each time mccain or hillary diss obama, let’s up our giving.
yo mama for obama



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