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hi all-
the more successful obama is, the more scared i get—-for him and our country.
hillary and mccain are poison.  more of the same old-school, twisted negativity that has ruled this country for years.  hillary couldn’t find any dirt on obama so she took his most obvious strong point—-his wonderful way to inspire with words—-and actually used it against him. now it appears that an individual who has a talent for motivating people, for communicating honesty and hope, an ability to get us off our asses and work for something we believe in is being labeled as a man who will actually harm us if elected president.  last night mccain referred to “empty eloquence” as an underhanded reference to (an unnamed) obama.  i fully expect either or both hillary and mccain to slip in obama’s middle name:  hussein.  and then let the american public run with that for a while.  i’ve heard some talking heads say this destructive behavior is necessary as a test of obama—to prove that he can withstand the rigors of a national campaign and presidency.  this is a load of malarkey.  nevertheless, it is the great american way of do-or-die, me and my personal ambition first, f-u politics.
it is my hope that the american people will rise above this and say enough.  but i am not very optimistic.  hillary will dredge up and make up anything she has to in order to secure her position as prez. mccain will do the same with false patriotism and scare tactics.  this “politics as usual” is no longer acceptable.  however, citizens must be educated (i.e. pick up a book and read it), must work at defying this unfounded demagougery.  it takes time and effort and lets face it, most americans are working 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet.  they like easy.  last week, mayor bloomberg hit the nail on the head when he likened the economic stimulus package to”giving an alcoholic more drinks”.  unfortunately foremost on many americans minds is simply where their next flat-screened t.v. is coming
from.  rush limbaugh calls obama “messianic” because of his phenomenal ability to stay on message and rouse the public.  did he consider ronald reagan “messianic”?  of course not—-just a real american.  could it be that rush simply liked reagan’s politics more than obama’s?  this is the kind of twisted, emotionally fired tactics that are so destructive.  it is all about spin.  if hillary and mccain subscribe to this dishonesty before the election, imagine the deceitfulness they will use once in office.  not that different from bush-cheney tactics.
time to rise above this.  do i think it will happen?  no.  after all is said and done, when the american public goes to the polls to vote in a national election, do i believe that within the private confines of that voting booth they will actually pull the lever for a black man?  no.  i hope i am wrong.
yo mama for obama



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