DISSIN’ FOR DOLLARS – ground rules

ok.  here are some ground rules for DISSIN’ FOR DOLLARS:

1.  every time obama gets personally dissed by mccain or hillary, take out your checkbooks and write a check to “OBAMA FOR AMERICA”.  on the line on the bottom left corner, write in :”DISSIN’ FOR DOLLARS”.  and all of you millenials, put away your charge cards.  you need to send a check so that the obama organization can see all the donations that are a direct result of sleazy campaign tactics.  remember—we’re turning dirt into nice, slime into decency.
2.  pace yourselves:  obviously, there will be ample slurs from hillary and mccain.  so let’s count on many, many smaller donations to spread out the donations for a larger impact.  if a million people just gave $1 every time hillary or mccain slammed obama, would we have a “nice” movement on our hands, or what?
3.  send your check to:  obama for america, p.o. box 802798, chicago, illinois 60680.
4.  imagine the impact when all of these checks come in and obama is rewarded for being a gentleman.  also, hillary and mccain just might see the foolishness of their negative ways and actually turn to issues of substance instead of personal slurs.
5.  so i will try to document all the attacks, and when i do, give, give, give!!!  email everyone you know about “DISSIN’ FOR DOLLARS”.  let’s make this an onslaught.  i am sure our campaign will begin tonight with the clinton/obama debate.
thank you one and all.  YES WE CAN.
yo mama for obama


3 Responses to “DISSIN’ FOR DOLLARS – ground rules”

  1. Bob Mutch Says:

    It’s a great idea, but all those tiny donations, by check, will take cost quite a bit to process. Money donated online, may not get credited as Dissin’ for Dollars responses, but will go further in defeating Hypocrisy Clinton.

    That’s my $.02, I owe ya $.98


  2. NWTerriD Says:

    It can get credited as Dissin’ for Dollars if ObamaMama goes to the Obama website and creates a DfD Fundraising page. I haven’t done it, but it looks like it’s easy to do. Just go to the main page, click on “Fundraising,” and follow instructions.

  3. dissin’ for dollars:givin’ for the greater good « Yo Mama For Obama Says:

    […] work cut out for us. its time to play DISSIN’ FOR DOLLARS. please refer to my earlier blog on the ground rules. we will catch more flies with honey. so lets reward obama’s civility by sending in those […]

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