hi all-

just a short comment today. headlines in the washington post say that obma’s lead is widening. furthermore, whispers of hillary making a graceful exit are out there also. let’s be very careful: we cannot get complacent about this race. keep talking about obama’s message and keep sending in those dollars. nothing is a given; in fact, its when you least expect a surprise that things can make a total u-turn.

after the last debate in austin, senator john warner (basically a decent guy) came out and was a little irate at obama’s claims that our overseas troops were not getting the supplies they need. for the life of me, i cannot figure out why warner was so taken aback by this: the troops haven’t been getting the vehicle armor, the protective vests, the arms, etc. for years now. last night on there was a lead article saying that the marines are holding our gov’t. responsible for hundreds of deaths of our troops because they did not get the supplies they needed. this is old news. but despite warner’s request that obama give his source of info on this, it seems to be true. once again, people are trying to make obama seem like hot air, like there’s no substance to him. wrong. he’s got so much going for him that he doesn’t need to make up things.

more to follow on comments regarding a jewish backlash against obama.


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