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March 31, 2008

Bill O’Reilly either was not on his game today or inadvertantly, unknowingly being totally honest. He was labelling the Democratic candidates and he said he just didn’t know WHAT Hillary is: a moderate? A far-left liberal? well, duh!!!!!!! His remarks were telling. How can anyone label Hillary when she changes her colors at every turn? She will say anything, do anything, become anything as long as the end result is the address “President” in front of her name.

Mr. O’Reilly semi-labelled Obama a far-lefty, but wasn’t sure about that either. It is my sense that, out of all three candidates, Obama would actually be the toughest, most demanding President of them all. He would explain his positions in plain English. If his ideas were experimental he would tell us that up front. He would listen to all sides, making reasonable adjustments along the way. However, once a plan has been accepted, he would fight like hell for it and not pander away and compromise his vision .

So: Was Bill O’Reilly just spacey today? Or did he unwittingly hit upon a reality?

facing our demons

March 30, 2008

Kudos to Barack Obama for facing his demons in the Pastor Wright episode. I have been away for 10 days and thus have not been able to blog. But it was a good thing for me to let the events percolate and then be able to digest all that has happened in the last 2 weeks.

In a nutshell, Pastor Wright’s recent thoughts on race and America are so antithetical to all that Barack Obama is, has spoken about and what he sees our future is. He has had to disenfranchise himself from Wright the pastor. However, Obama has had a decades-long personal relationship with Wright and that relationship will take longer to assess and possibly denounce. Pure honesty on Obama’s part. How do you criticize a man like Obama who speaks so forthrightly? He puts all the facts openly on the table and explains his decisions in detail. What other politician in recent memory has done that? I am constantly hearing people say about Obama, “He doesn’t have enough experience”. In reality, Obama has had more years in elective office that Hillary. So what are these people really saying? For those who will not even listen to what Obama has to say, I fear they have a deeper and uglier reason for dismissing Obama.

During the last 2 weeks, I have met outright fear and blatant racism in conversations about an Obama presidency. These people were adamant that, should Obama get to be prez, there would be a violent uprising by African Americans against the white people. A veritable slaughter. I was so shocked, I was speechless. The question therefore follows that, in the general election, once a voter is in a private voting booth, will that voter actually pull the lever for Obama? I think some will not; however, this is not a good reason to abandon Obama due to electability issues. We have to fight for him, fight for his intellect, his honesty, his incredible perceptive abilities, and his desire to truly reconcile opposing factions for the greater good of our people. I do not agree with those who say that they just want to vote for the Democrat who can win against McCain. To me, that is an empty vote. I will never understand why Americans are so devisive and destructive until…..there is a tragedy and then for a week we are all love and hugs. We are humans—we have the gift of history behind us and forethought in front of us. Let’s face our demons now, without tragedy, and use the reason and logic we were given.

My earlier blogs have always said that Hillary will do anything to get herself to be prez. I wrote about this months ago and verbalized it years ago. So her large donors, who put the squeeze on Nancy Pelosi this week because she said that the superdelegates should vote in accordance with the votes of the people, really thought they could coerce Pelosi with the threat of financial backing withdrawal. Pelosi hasn’t budged. Hillary also will not give up placing herself above the rules; she continues to fight for Florida and Michigan to count their delegates in those primaries that were judged null and void months before they ever happened. This afternoon, Hillary told the Washington Post that she will see this campaign through to the convention. And she has every right to do so. That is the whole point of this process and of democracy. I have said in an earlier blog that democracy is messy and constantly evolving. So kudos to her for her stamina. However, I would like to see her fighting more against McCain, instead of engaging in destructive behavior against Obama. That is the essence of her selfishness and ambition. Even though it was written months ago, please read the following:

My son Chuck called this “prescient”. It is a long piece but beautifully written. Please take the time to read it.

So I promise: if I ever meet up again with a person who is so ignorant to hold and voice their racist opinions, I will step up to the plate and absolutely confront them. As Elie Wiesel said in his book “Night”:

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing.

Whether it is just dirty politics, or corruption in business, or blind ambition, or out-and-out racism, the time has come to just stop it.

Obama will deliver. He continues to face his demons and we must do the same.

Yes we can.

dissin’ for dollars: givin’ for the greater good

March 15, 2008

we have alot of real work to do and i am counting on you to help me get it done.

i will start and finish on the same note, oft repeated; BARACK OBAMA is the only candidate in the presidential campaign worthy to serve as prez of the u.s. please listen to:
listen to the entire 10 minutes. many thanks to my nephew esevan for sending me this video. i have been saying for months on end that hillary will stoop to any level to win this nomination: ethics, truth, human decency, consideration for the democratic party, respect for her fellow americans—-all be damned. regarding the geraldine ferraro fiasco——you may consider me even more twisted than hillary for the following thought ( i already have admitted that i am obama UNworthy): i wouldn’t put it past hillary and geraldine to have actually cooked up and orchestrated this whole silly mess. geraldine would have been willing to be the sacrificial lamb in order to allow hillary another deliberate stab at obama.

so far, obama has been true to his campaign promise to stay above the fray and not sling mud. so far, obama and his staffers have run an efficient and successful campaign. hillary’s mess doesn’t hold a candle to obama’s organization. at every turn and insult dished out by hillary, obama has come back with plain talk and sound, straightforward logic.

if hillary keeps up this nonsense, there will be no winner except john mccain. please go read charles krauthammer’s piece in the washington post op-ed today 3/14/08. i don’t generally like his thoughts but i daresay he is right on in this article.

so we have our work cut out for us. its time to play DISSIN’ FOR DOLLARS. please refer to my earlier blog on the ground rules. we will catch more flies with honey. so lets reward obama’s civility by sending in those checks. this is the best way we can support obama—-the only truly presidential candidate in this race.

my nephew esevan was quite taken aback by “breakdowns” accompanying all the polls, e.g. blacks, whites, females, males, youngsters, oldsters, etc. he doesn’t understand why this practice is so prevalent in our country. i could not cite a good reason. the only weak answer i have is that every group needs to have another group be below them to kick around. is this need for “superiority” human nature? i hope not. i would love to hear any better answers you may have.

for laughs, remember alan sherman’s funny song parodies from the 1960’s and 1970’s (“hello mudda, hello fadda, here i am in camp granada”)? one of his social parodies called “national brotherhood week” is especially relevant to my above thoughts on cultural breakdowns. part of the lyrics to this song are “the white folks hate the black folks and the black folks hate the white folks……and everyone hates the jews…..because its national brotherhood week….”. if you can find this song anywhere on the web, listen to it. you’ll laugh your head off.

some more humor: there are these 2 ladies in los angeles who are filling in on the stephanie miller show on the radio this week. their names are francis and angela and thus, the name of their program is “frangela”. google “frangela radio show” for more info. these 2 women are hysterical and so entertaining.

thanks to my son chuck for buying the domain name of “yo mama for obama” for me. his most excellent friend, chrisetta, was the brains behind this move. and thank you to another of chuck’s friends, coocane, for furthering my education in rather esoteric areas.

so onward with our fight. lets let hillary know just how mean-spirited and off-track she is by sending in our dollars to reward obama. let’s focus on issues. let’s fight mccain and the republicans by questioning his supposed strengths, e.g. why should we stay in iraq for a hundred years? who made us the policemenn of the world? why should we sacrifice our domestic and national needs to a foreign policy of saving the world rather than saving ourselves? hit him hard where he claims his deepest experience.

the only way obama is going to win the race with hillary and obama is if we continue to support him. let us not dwell on his opportunistic friend pastor wright and his poisonous, devisive message. obama wants conciliation, not conflict. we need to get along with each other before we can change policy. so lets focus on, for example, the wonderful article in the n.y. times today 3/14/08 on obama’s incredible mama:
furthermore, we need to support obama with our cold cash. give and then give again. give for the greater good.
yo mama for obama

ho ho ho

March 11, 2008

may i inject a little humor into your life?

this spitzer thing: how does a government employee afford $5500 an hour for “entertainment”? is this a great country, or what? as jay and the americans sang, “only in america” (…”land of opportunity”…. ). as yo mama’s momma would have said if she were still on this earth: “how could he do that? oy, a jew. this is so bad for us (the tribe)”. or, as my cousin rosalie said, “such a shanda” (please check your handy yiddish dictionary for word usage).

i happened to hit on bill o’reilly’s radio show today and i agree with his take: spitzer’s actions, just like john belushi’s, are simply self-destructive. period. first off (thank you nephew esevan), wiring funds internationally, even if its under the $10,000 IRS (ALWAYS capitalize these letters) “not important” amount, is just plain stupid. in these post(?)-al quaeda days, everything is going to be scrutinized. there is no longer any privacy in this country. secondly, then for the gov to make a play date over the phone——who better than he knows about wire taps? wasn’t he the one who bugged everyone’s and their mother’s phones? so the only answer is self- hatred and a wish for total immolation. this is not the “audacity of hope”; it is the audacity of dope.

honesty. if nothing else, i am a truthful person. so i must admit at this time, just how OBAMA UNWORTHY i am. i am just enjoying this spitzer thing way too much. obama would never take joy in another public figure’s woes. not me—-i’m lovin’ it. whether its my age or jadedness (related?), its just something i am fessing up to.

one other thing i have observed about obama: however strongly i feel about an issue, he always comes out a day or 2 later and expresses it better, more tersely, than i ever could. my trust level in him increases weekly. this is very comforting to me. for example, yesterday his speech about hillary wanting him to fill the number 2 spot on the dem ticket——-under her position in the number 1 spot—–is just plain absurd. go to:

once again, a big thank you to my son chuck for taking the time to educate his aging, but totally honest (note all of my referencing sources that give me ideas—–no plagarist me) mama.

please take the time to forward my blogs to everyone you know. tell them you’ll stop once they donate to obama. and then keep on forwarding any future blogs. after all, aren’t we ALL obama unworthy?

yo mama for obama


March 10, 2008

i think i have too much time on my hands.

in our presidency, we have had 20 years of “same old, same old”: 4 years of geo. bush I, 8 years of bill clinton, and 8 years of geo. bush II.

how about another 24 years of “same old, same old”? 8 years of hillary, 8 years of jeb, and then 8 years of chelsea?

that would be a total of 44 years of bush/clinton. had enough yet?

thanks to my neighbor merle.

yo mama for obama

how far off am i?

March 9, 2008

i consider myself a run-of-the-mill mama. i try to live an honest life, by the rules. i have told my children, chuck and maribell, that their father and i have worked for 35 years to achieve a happy and respectful life. and they have been mindful of that —- they know that they must live their lives in a way that will not undo what their parents have tried so hard to maintain. this is called values. if, as parents, you nag enough, and above all, set a reasonable, admirable example, your children, on the other side of 25 years old, will have values.

so: please be honest with me. how does a man like mccain, who was a prisoner of war for years in viet nam, and who for many decades, cited the abhorrence and uselessness of torture — how does he, as he did last month, come out in support of torture? could it be that this patriotic war hero, this man of vast insights and political experience, is selling all of his virtues down the river so that he may become our next president? what else could possibly explain this major change of heart? i need you to tell me.

now hillary. how does an incredibly smart woman, for decades married to an equally smart, educated and successful man, put up with his sexual dalliances, liasons and addictive sexual encounters? true, she loved him and had a child in the mix to consider. but really, how does she justify staying with a head case like bill? it seems to me that she sacrificed her values to his lack of values for an end result of political power. am i being too judgemental, too harsh? would you want president hillary answering her phone at 3 a.m. and making earth-shattering decisions that might affect your kids? we already know that her great “experience” is really only 2 years more than obama’s in the senate. are we also willing to let her direct our country based on her values? what values are those? are they the values that just suit the moment? get real. she , just like mccain, is a “ready freddy” to say and do anything to get her in the white house.

now obama. i have heard too many people say a number of things about obama. first, they are afraid he will be too socialistic in his policies. i believe that wanting more economic parity for all americans is admirable and fair, and completely necessary for a peaceful existence. but many americans, for example, do not want the capital gains tax rate of 15% to be raised. that is their bottom line in this election—their pocketbook. please tell me: am i crazy, how far off am i, that i am so outraged that huge corporate entities pay no taxes at all? isn’t something wrong with this picture? would we become a socialistic nation if corporations paid their fair share of taxes instead of using legal loopholes to avoid taxes?

also, people are saying that obama is a newbie, a neophyte, who doesn’t have the fight in him. guess what? he has been around the block many times. but he maintains his dignity and civility. he is trying to set a new example of composure , self-restraint and leadership in government for this country. please go read larry david at:

actually, the image i am getting from all of my readings is that obama is and will be alot tougher in national affairs and international dealings than both mccain and hillary would ever be. he’s as smart as a whip, plus he is a cool cat, as larry david said, “with ice running through his veins”. he’s an equally avid policy wonk as hillary is. quite frankly, i so want obama fighting for me. i trust him for me and more importantly, i trust him for my children.

values beget values. obama is worth fighting for. go do it.

yes we can.

yo mama for obama

same old, same old

March 9, 2008

please go read andrew sullivan’s article:

this election, represented by mccain and clinton, is one of fear, meaning that if we don’t elect either one of them, our country, our lives and our government will collapse beneath our feet. wrong and right.

we need our current way of governing to collapse; its not been productive for our people and it has been totally corrupted by our lawmakers. yes, it is time for a change.

our international reputation is totally tainted by our recent past governing. that, too, needs to change.

so what’s the doubt here about obama? none that i can see. how the hell is hillary equipped to be commander-in-chief? because she has had 2 more years in the senate than obama? because she “sat” on the senate arms committee? or because she says she’d make a better commander-in-chief? yeah, i think that last option is the answer.

obama’s on the right track. his voice has hit a nation and generation hard. he is the only representative of sanity, reason and civility that is out there. trust him. of course his opponents are personally attacking these wonderful qualities that he possesses. however, don’t fall for their fear. they know obama’s on to something, and the only way mccain and hillary can get themselves into the white house is to fight like hell for the status quo. if they didn’t do that, they’d be scared silly that our government needs a drastic change, that our policies need some humanity and they are totally incapable of accomplishing these things.

don’t fall for the same old, same old. there’s nothing to fear. quite the opposite actually: what a wonderful thing it would be to be proud of this country again and the person who is leading it with decency and honor. obama’s worth it.

yes we can.

yo mama for obama

stay the course

March 7, 2008

we need to talk.

with a net gain of a mere 4 delegates from tuesday’s primaries, what in the world is the clinton campaign imagining? no way is hillary on target to get the dem nomination (see between the lines” by jonathan alter, obama just has to continue getting and maintaining his delegate lead, and he’s in. the superdelegates will NOT go against how their constituencies voted: not only would that destroy the dem party, but it would also disenfranchise an entire generation.

so let’s talk about the newly active younger generation. this election is so important for them. i am working so hard on this mainly for my kidz, chuck and maribell. this is a race for decency, honesty and effective government, which they have never seen in ther 2 1/2 decades of living. this is what we are fighting for; this is really what is at stake.

hillary had the balls to say, “mccain has had a lifetime of experience. i have had a lifetime of experience. obama had a great speech in 2002.” first of all, she’s selling her party down the river. i have always held that hillary is for hillary first and foremost, and will stop at nothing to get herself in as prez. in actuality, hillary has had a mere 2 years in the senate more that obama has. in fact, obama has had more years in the legislature than hillary. she thinks her years in the white house “count”—-but only the good stuff that happened. she exempts herself from the bad stuff.

let’s talk about what “presidential” means. Mccain will not make public his health record, which had had some very troubled times. furthermore, if elected, he will be the oldest person to enter the presidency. hillary will not divulge her income tax returns, which may or may not encompass dubious donations to bill’s library. maybe she thinks that if she gets the nomination, and then divulges her return with some negative facts included, she can deal with that at that time. not honest, and not fair to the american public and the dem party. that could give mccain the advantage he needs for the general election. obama is the only one who has followed the rules, i.e. divulged his tax returns, taken his name off the michigan primary list as his party asked him to do, and overall has been a gentleman about negative campaigning. now there is a buzz that the hillary campaign was the source of the negative canadian/nafta bruhaha. but obama remains the gentleman; today, one of his advisors, a professor at harvard and a pulitzer prize winner, has left the campaign after saying some nasty (but true!!!) things about hillary. he maintains his human decency and stays above the typical mud slinging. isn’t this what we absolutely need in government? this is NOT a lack of experience; this is called LEADERSHIP. i for one do not want a lifelong politician as president—–they’ve gotten nothing done and the corruption has been phenomenal. obama is exactly the hope for a new order that we so desparately need. we all need to fight for this. don’t let his message fade and by any means you can, keep donating to his campaign. chuck and maribell need obama. i need obama. we all need obama.

please read mike lux at

yo mama for obama