ho ho ho

may i inject a little humor into your life?

this spitzer thing: how does a government employee afford $5500 an hour for “entertainment”? is this a great country, or what? as jay and the americans sang, “only in america” (…”land of opportunity”…. ). as yo mama’s momma would have said if she were still on this earth: “how could he do that? oy, a jew. this is so bad for us (the tribe)”. or, as my cousin rosalie said, “such a shanda” (please check your handy yiddish dictionary for word usage).

i happened to hit on bill o’reilly’s radio show today and i agree with his take: spitzer’s actions, just like john belushi’s, are simply self-destructive. period. first off (thank you nephew esevan), wiring funds internationally, even if its under the $10,000 IRS (ALWAYS capitalize these letters) “not important” amount, is just plain stupid. in these post(?)-al quaeda days, everything is going to be scrutinized. there is no longer any privacy in this country. secondly, then for the gov to make a play date over the phone——who better than he knows about wire taps? wasn’t he the one who bugged everyone’s and their mother’s phones? so the only answer is self- hatred and a wish for total immolation. this is not the “audacity of hope”; it is the audacity of dope.

honesty. if nothing else, i am a truthful person. so i must admit at this time, just how OBAMA UNWORTHY i am. i am just enjoying this spitzer thing way too much. obama would never take joy in another public figure’s woes. not me—-i’m lovin’ it. whether its my age or jadedness (related?), its just something i am fessing up to.

one other thing i have observed about obama: however strongly i feel about an issue, he always comes out a day or 2 later and expresses it better, more tersely, than i ever could. my trust level in him increases weekly. this is very comforting to me. for example, yesterday his speech about hillary wanting him to fill the number 2 spot on the dem ticket——-under her position in the number 1 spot—–is just plain absurd. go to: tpmelectioncentral.talkingpointsmemo.com/2008/03/obama_on_veep_talk_clintons_ar.php

once again, a big thank you to my son chuck for taking the time to educate his aging, but totally honest (note all of my referencing sources that give me ideas—–no plagarist me) mama.

please take the time to forward my blogs to everyone you know. tell them you’ll stop once they donate to obama. and then keep on forwarding any future blogs. after all, aren’t we ALL obama unworthy?

yo mama for obama


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