the audacity of dissin’

Time to get out your checkbooks. Let’s play DISSIN’ FOR DOLLARS!!!!!!

McCain and Clinton both have criticized Obama’s use of the term “bitter” when referring to the people of Pennsylvania this week. How pathetic that this is the only diss that McCain and Clinton could come up with. Obama replied that indeed, people in the depressed working towns of Pennsylvania are angry and want a change in Washington. Helloooo —– Obama is staying on message. Even in this Mama for Obama’s “la dolce vita”, I am pissed as hell. Imagine how people with less good fortune and more hardship feel.

In simple grade-school language, Obama is “strict”. Remember when you had that particular teacher in elementary school who was all business and stayed on point? The one you might have volunteered to stay after school to help, clapping erasers, because you thought you saw a glimmer of a chance that the teacher might become a Good Time Charlie? But in actuality, the teacher never crossed the line of professionalism and sense of place, remaining true to the defined role of his or her job.

Bingo! That’s my Obama. I reiterate: out of all the candidates, Obama is the only one who is “Presidential”. He has run his campaign efficiently. He has raised previously unheard of amounts of capital. He has used the Internet as no other person has done before him, yet not allowed the technology to override his message. Most important, Obama has not fallen victim to petty, time-consuming and devisive actions in his campaign organization. He has been “strict”. The Washington Post this week said that Obama’s presidential campaign has been the best run one in the last 20 years. So , and I am extrapolating here, once Obama becomes President, I can clearly see him pushing aside any gossip and deterring deeds that might block actually getting things done. He is disciplined and focused; he has been so in his incredible campaign and will be when in office.

So —– my check is in. Where’s yours?

Yes we can.


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