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Change of heart: Hillary is absolutely NOT better than her dysfunctional campaign. Obama’s right: Hillary’s campaign strategy has reached the “kitchen sink” mentality.

Yesterday in Pennsylvania Clinton played to the pro-war voters by saying that we will win the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. How do you think this message will play in Oregon? Ten-to-one she will never quote such platitudes in Oregon. Upon crude oil hitting all-time highs, she said yesterday that we need an investigation into the situation and into windfall oil profits. More committees, more gridlock. She is back on the Florida and Michigan dead issues. She also said that regarding this campaign, the math does not really matter. What matters is “feeling” and “history”. Hellooooooooooooo —– are there any more “issues” she could address to try and get that last vote? She is all over the place and thus, nowhere. She is a desparate woman who exemplifies exactly what we do not want to continue to propigate in Washington.

In the face of this, Obama stays on message. Cool , calm and focused. That’s because his message is real, directed at making actual changes in our policies and governing process.

Today I am really sick and tired of Hillary’s blinding ambition. Remember my thoughts of months ago —– Hillary will do anything, say anything, as long as the end result is her in the White House? Such narcissism vaguely disguised as patriotic altruism? The veil is completely see-through. She is a chameleon, a Zelig. Get out. Get a life. But above all, stay the hell out of mine.

Yo Mama For Obama


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