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I am keeping everything crossed that Obama will remain Obama, that he will stay true to his sensibilities and not degrade himself and us by stooping to negative tactics. Claire McCasskill (Missouri senator) spoke perfectly yesterday is support of Obama. I paraphrase: He needs to continue his steady, consistent message of hope and change, his clean, above-the-fray delivery, and not say things just to suit the moment. McCasskill said it so much better than i did.

How do you answer to those who say that Obama can’t close the deal? May I say that he is still about 150 delegates ahead of Hillary? In the races he has lost, may I say that he has narrowed every tight race to at least half of his initial deficits? May I say that he still has more popular votes, more states and more delegates than Hillary? This man has had an incredible journey and is still the outright leader. The spin is just not true.

Bottom line: money talks. keep giving, keep giving, keep giving. Hillary’s pipeline is drying up fast. Obama’s lifeline are the funds we give to him. He has used them wisely, carefully and decently. He deserves more to finish this off. Go for it —– send what you can today.

Yes we can.

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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    Generally I agree with you. I wish the American public were interested in things gravitas too. Alas, they are not. Because of that, I am a political Machiavellian. Uphill I believe we must do what we must do to get elected. It is downhill after that.

    It has been part of our illustrious history that even our ever-so-cerebral Founding Fathers concocted the damnable electoral college so that they might better ensure that the selection of the president reside with more intellectually able electors instead of by a popular vote of ruffians. Jefferson, of course, had to endure the scandalous writings of James Calendar, a muckraker and yellow journalist of his era, when he exposed Jefferson’s sexual liaison with Sally Hemmings, Jefferson’s black house slave and concubine.

    Even de Tocqueville when he visited America of the 1830’s called much of American culture “a middling mediocrity.” During his inauguration, Andrew Jackson’s picturesque White House sported ducks, geese, chickens and other assorted barnyard fun. He invited gun toting, coonskin cap wearing, and whiskey drinking Tennesseans into the White House or, perhaps, they just barged in. Worse, Jackson had to endure the accusations about his beloved wife Rachel who was said to be a bigamist. Jackson never forgot it, was devastated by it and thought his wife’s death was because of it.

    Two centuries later H.L. Mencken uttered the truth of his famous phrase: “You will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” This still rings true today.

    Barak Obama should have known when he first had thoughts of running for the presidency that before any skeletons in his closet were opened for inspection he should have opened them first and rectified the problem. Now it is a bit late to eschew a Reverend Wright. Obama either looks politically expedient or unfaithful to his former good friend or both.

    Had he done what I suggest, we would possibly be talking about the real issues of 4000 plus dead in Iraq, five dollar plus gallon of gasoline, eight dollar a gallon of milk and an economy tilting toward another Great Depression. Instead, we are talking about whether a candidate should wear a flag pin and why he belonged to the church he did for over twenty years. I agree it is utterly insane. Some things, though, never change. I’m sure Andrew Jackson would agree.

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