dissin’ and diggin’ deep

Time to once again play “DISSIN’ FOR DOLLARS”. McCain and Hillary make this game child’s play. Just geniuses!

Clinton has put out a new negative ad in Indiana. In it, she pats herself on the back for supporting the proposition that we take money from the windfall oil profit taxes and give Americans a vacation this summer from the tax on gasoline. Let me try again, as Obama explained yesterday, how empty this proposal is. Let’s say that we fill up our gas tank once a week at a cost of $50 a tank. The tax on that is about 5%, or $2.50 a crack. Let’s define the “summer” as June, July and August, which translates into 12 weeks. So a savings of $2.50 a week for 12 weeks is a whopping $25 per car, not even per person. Does that impress you? Is that $25 going to change your life for the better? Are you taken in by Clinton’s use of big girl words like “windfall profits tax” to disguise an insulting and degrading proposal? Are you going to accept our leaders’ blatant efforts to keep its citizens dumb and poor?

Or maybe you will fight back, like Obama is doing. He has called this proposal ridiculous and meaningless. I call it conniving. I call it deceitful. I call it like I see it and it is another delusion to placate the masses of American people and keep them in their lowly place. Clinton (and McCain) is betting on that we will fall for her empty promise and kiss her ass in Macy’s window for this blessed $25.

Not I. I am going to take this theoretical $25 and tell Clinton to stick it where the sun don’t shine. I am sending in an actual $25 to Obama today, to reward him for his outright honesty and realism, for respecting me enough to tell me what a sham this “tax break” really is. As a result, my own self-respect is enhanced. This is the mutually beneficial cycle that Obama always speaks to: I will fight for you but only if you fight for yourselves.

My check is in the mail because I believe in Obama and I believe in myself. Do you?


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