a promise is a promise

I am deliberately writing this entry today before the polls close in Indiana and North Carolina. Regardless of how they turn out, my sentiments remain the same.

Which are: even though Obama’s campaign message of unity in government, throw out the corrupt scoundrels and let’s get on with making and effecting real policy, people still cling to his perceived shortcomings of philosophical issues rather than specific remedies; of message over matter. This is a misconception. He has been true to his promise so far to stick with the issues at hand and not sling mud. He has been the only candidate who has taken the higher ground. Besides admiring his philosophy, i am most impressed with his excellent, consistent campaign management and the fact that HE HAS KEPT HIS WORD.

Neither other candidate has done so: McCain, after having spent 5 years in a POW camp during the Viet Nam years, was adamant in his abhorrence of torture. However, two months ago, fearing he might not get the conservative vote, switched that opinion and said water boarding and other forms of torture are acceptable. Equally disgusting to me is that McCain, after being personally, viciously slammed by the Bushes in the 2000 campaign season, coolly went on to embrace Bush during the 2004 election. Don’t tell me “this is just politics”. Maybe this is “just politics” as we know it, but its time for a change and a little self-respect.

And Hillary is simply all over the place. She with her Ivy League graduate and post-graduate history, having the nerve to call Obama “elitist”. Now that she sees there might be some votes for her in the white, blue-collar sector, all of a sudden she has become a beer-drinking buddy. Let me tell you this: the American people, in all their infinite wisdom, elected a President in 2000 and again in 2004 whom they thought would make a good President because he was a good ole’ beer buddy. And that’s exactly what we got: a guy who doesn’t know his ass from his elbow in leadership, but is a fantastic cowboy to have a beerfest with.

As for me, I am convinced that should Obama become our next President, he will be the biggest bastard we have ever had. And I mean that in a very positive way. He has the intellectual capacity and experience to make the good, fair decisions. He has proven himself during this campaign as a focused, consistent candidate who has not strayed from his core beliefs. He has kept his promises. Politics be damned. And yet, I sense that he will be a unifying figure. If he had to , he would shame other elected officials into unity.

So on to Indiana and North Carolina. I think North Carolina is Obama’s and what a feast it will be if Indiana is also.


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