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BINGO! Last night was exactly what Obama needed: a stunning turning of the tide, a decisive victory, an end to the beginning, a new beginning for our country and a fantastic speech telling America why he is where he is and what we need for a productive future. I believe that last night’s primaries will go down in this campaign’s history as “the BINGO night”; the seal, the deal, the real McCoy. Could it be that America is actually hearing Obama? Could it be that he’s really on to something? BINGO!

So: Buh-bye Hillary. Sayonara. Adios. Your spin isn’t working. Your delusional denial of the math reeks of blind ambition and personal gain. So you had to dig deep once again into your own pockets for an additional $6.5 million to sustain your campaign. That’s a total so far of $11.5 you’ve given to make believe you will be President in 2009. That behavior is, in my mind, exactly like President Bush’s dogged blindness about the initiation and the current status of the war in Iraq.  Just because you may say things one hundred times over DOES NOT make it true. It still remains fantasy, make-believe. Frankly, this behavior of Clinton’s is frightening to me: should she ever become President, she might use this same type of hype to promote policy that would only benefit her and her special interests.   See any similarities between that and the lie of Iraq? A lie on the Democratic side of the aisle is just as poisonous as a lie on the Republican side. So auf wiedersehen Hillary. Ta-ta. Adieu. Good night. Good bye.

Helloooooooooooo Dolly! Aloha. Shalom. Welcome to the 2008 Presidential race Senator Barack Obama. You delivered the knockout punch last night. Mazel tov. You have been, you are and you will continue to be the only politician in this race who is true to yourself. You have self-respect and thus, impart tremendous respect to those of us who open ourselves to hear you and vote for you. Thank you for bringing me back into hope, possibilities and yes, realistic yearning for a better country.

The math and money are with you. My bingo winnings of $33 from last night have been donated to your campaign. The journey is huge now and I continue to be with you because you have shown me that you are with me.

Hola! Bonjour! Benvenuto Barack Obama! BINGO!!!!!!!!



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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    I LOVE your enthusiasm and think you are often correct in your assessments of things political. I voted for Obama and I will continue to advocate for him, especially after the significant victory in North Carolina and impressive showing in Indiana. Naturally, after he is nominated (assuming he is) I will work by phone or computer as intensely as I can to get the Democratic vote and most especially the minority vote out in pivotal states.

    I see why you think he is “the real deal” as through the muck and mire of this utterly endless campaign a certain genuineness about him shows through. I still, though, need more convincing as to the success he will have against McCain. Obama, in my opinion, has been short on policy minutiae but long on emotional generalities that grab ya. I would hope, if he is the nominee, he will hone his debating skills, know policy beyond reproach, and give a knock out punch to an utterly rancid, corrupt, murderous, criminal, inhumane and generally loathsome Republican party. Here’s hoping!

  2. degradability Says:

    degradability says : I absolutely agree with this !

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