the shame dame

She did it. She’s the dregs of the barrel. She’s a bottom-feeder. Shame on you Hillary Clinton! She made the remark yesterday that Obama does not have the white vote to be President. Divisive? Prejudiced? You betcha. Disgusting desperation will never trump decency. I do believe that America is seeing this also. Thus the sound trouncing of Clinton in North Carolina and an unexpected close race in Indiana was the deal sealer for Obama even before this comment was made.

I always have held that the primary process is an integral part of our Constitution and our political history. I still feel that way. However, I believe that it is stupidity, selfishness and lack of foresight for one Democratic candidate to try to destroy the other Democratic candidate when the cards are clearly on the table. This also is so very destructive to the party as a whole. Personal ambition should not reach that level whereby the Party suffers for it. This represents total selfishness, narcissism and a denial of the greater good.

Lets have a look at the Clintons’ unabashed doggedness about their legacies. Bill, throughout all of his campaign stops for his wife, often emphasizes , as his first priority, his legacy. That has been his main focus. Of course he is the classic narcissist and it shows when he constantly speaks about his accomplishments during his Presidential terms. Both he and Hillary have always considered Bill as the “first Black President”. That is, until a real Black man came to the forefront in this race. “Black” is the least important adjective to describe Obama: he is smart, focused, decent, unifying and honest. And that is what really scares the daylights out of the Clintons. As Eugene Robinson said today in the Op-Ed section of the Washington Post, “Hillary’s sin is not racism; it is arrogance”. Her crime is not the path she has chosen; it is her tactics. Her legacy is not what she deems it to be; it is what the American voter decides it will be.

A few other groups also need to be called on the carpet. The Hispanic bloc will be of the utmost importance in the general election. Their numbers are too great to be ignored. It is not mine to figure out the cause, but Hispanics have much animosity towards the Blacks. So will the Hispanics vote for McCain over Obama? They’d be crazy to do so. They’d be cutting off their noses to spite their faces. John McCain’s state of Arizona is erecting a wall on their border with Mexico. Should McCain get the Presidency, I firmly hold that this physical wall will be minute when compared with all the “virtual walls” that will arise for the Hispanic population to overcome. If a person “looks” Hispanic or if a person has an accent, prejudice will surface. It is already happening in counties and towns all around our nation. So voter beware: do not let your empty prejudices cause you to make a life-altering decision because that will only serve to put you in a more untenable position. It will be the ultimate backfire.

To the “upper-crust”, financially speaking, of our population also goes out a warning. These top-earners need to exit their womb of self-preservation and look into the real deal we call Barack Obama. Yes, if he gets in, taxes will go up. But at what point do these highest net-worthers do something for the greater good? Can they actually look past their own pocketbooks? As an aside, what must go hand-in-hand with this altruism is a strict effort to reduce the pork, waste and pandering to special interests in government, and Obama has been the strongest candidate to identify and fix this problem. This dilemma is harder to call even more than the Hispanic dilemma.

And finally, what are you doing Howard Dean? Where is your leadership? He is the head of the Democratic Party and yet just bides his time as Hillary is tearing apart the party. At what point should Dean step in and say, “Just stop it”? At what point should some superdelegates, maybe a chunk of 50 to 100, step up to the plate and negate Clinton’s lunacy by pledging their support to Obama now as a way of making the overall party coalesce rather than fragment? Clinton is not going to end this cordially, without damage. It is her right to stay in the race as long as she wants. It is her right to pick an exit strategy of her own choosing —– she’s earned that by her strong fight. However, for her to use whatever time she has left in this race to decimate Obama, the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, is obscene. There is absolutely no grace in that. It is disrepectful to the party, the voters and unfortunately, most harmful to herself. But human decency puh-lease. Why can’t people, especially politicians, actually take a stand and right this wrong? Is it a requirement of elected officials to lose their balls as soon as they take office? Are insults and bigotry acceptable because it “tests” the offended candidate’s mettle to be President? Is the temptation for votes, personal ambition and legacy completely subservient to doing what is right for the people, the party, the country, the world?

The Obama message continues to be one of unification, consistency and honesty. In the general election we need to go after McCain’s strengths, which really, like his support of the Iraq war, are weaknesses. Obama, relying on his sharp mind, proven and low-turnover campaign staff will be effective at this tactic. He remained a gentleman and a scholar during the primary race and let Clinton shoot herself in the foot time and time again. There is no way McCain is smarter than Clinton. Thus, McCain will do an even greater job at self-immolation that Clinton did.

Talk to people who think differently than you. Don’t get emotional; do your homework, stay calm and present the facts. Above all, do not back off on issues like racism. You will never sleep well again. Rise to the occasion, and what an occasion this is! I can. You can. Our country can. Barack Obama can.

YES WE CAN. As one and all together.


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