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Give A Little

June 27, 2008

Forgive me for being so aloof this week.  I am preparing for a two week vacation and I am overwhelmed.  I don’t think I’ve EVER taken two weeks off from office and domestic duties.  A few diverse thoughts about the past week.

Have you seen the “Baby Alex” ads on television sponsored by Move On.Com?  It shows a young mother with her four month old son talking to John McCain.  Her final line is: “John McCain, if you say we will be in Iraq for 100 years, and you want my son —–  John McCain, YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM.”  That says it all.  If you have read my previous postings stating that war is outmoded, passe, gone with the wind, you will “get” this ad.  Give it up.  We need to simply talk with  each other, at the bare minimum, for starters.  A change is in the air and we need to go with it.  My kids are not up for grabs and neither is Baby Alex.  Go Obama.

I am feeling a kind of “let-down” about the Obama campaign.  This is more due to my all-of-a-sudden  “phew” about Obama finally nailing the Democratic nomination rather than the actual reality of a bigger fight in the general election.  Also, I am aware of a certain euphoria showing a double digit lead of Obama over McCain in the national polls.  This is a very dangerous position to assume.  I am still getting calls from Obama For America for donations.  So I am glad to see that they are much more based in the here and now than I am.  I continue to give because I continue to believe.  Complacency will get us no where.  Wise up, Yo Mama.

Obama has made certain compromises which should be expected in the general election.  He will need to do this to woo certain sectors for votes as well as  show a non-partisan side of him.  The FISA decision to exempt public utilities, such as the phone companies, from prosecution  for making available phone records of those that might be suspicious in the terrorist area, is one decision Obama has chosen to support.  I am not thrilled with that decision, but understand his motives.  I still believe his objective of civil rights along with populist support is valid.  However, I am realistic about what it will take to win the general election and I will accept certain compromises.  Let’s just say he hasn’t abused his basic principles yet and I am still with him 100 per cent.  It is definitely a slippier route than the path he had to the Democratic nomination, but I am sticking by him.  He must now reach a much larger population in order to take the ultimate prize.

What about the oil crisis?  I believe we need a combination of solutions.  Drilling and exploration must accompany a new, innovative, never-before executed conservation policy.  Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton/Gore and Bush II never addressed the energy debacle.  Ever.  Regarding exploration, we must start drilling.  However, before we open up the Alaskan gorgeous, precious Anwar, we must require that big oil drill on the billions of acres they have been sitting on for decades.  How can we turn over Anwar to them when they haven’t even explored the leases they have owned for years?   I do not agree with Obama and the others who hold that drilling is not important because it won’t affect gasoline prices for at least 10 years.  We need to consider the long-term future, not just what the gas pumps read today.  That’s been a major policy flaw:  no long-term planning.   More importantly, we need a new mind set regarding conservation.  Where the hell is the electric car?  That’s been under development for 30 years.  Are the same forces that are preventing drilling on the existing oil leases also stalling this car’s production?  Is the underlying cause for this to keep the price of oil high?  Helloooooo —— greed doesn’t hold sway anymore.

So I am off for two weeks.  Where I am going, I actually know how to turn on the television.  Therefore, I will tune in to MSNBC and have standing date with Keith Olbermann.  After listening to him, you will, for sure, hear from me.


Full Circle

June 20, 2008

We have come full circle in our war with Iraq.

Many people have said that the only reason we engaged in this war was to get our mitts on Mid-Eastern oil. Bush and Cheney, despite their long-standing history of pandering to big business, especially American oil companies, denied these charges and held that our presence in Iraq was vital for freedom from terrorism.

Guess what? The naysayers, the pooh-poohers, the REAL freedom fighters were correct. The N. Y. Times is reporting that four major American oil giants have not only been running the Iraqi oil fields for the last two years, but also have submitted new NO-BID contracts to extend their control there for years to come:

How can Bush and Cheney get away with this? They began a war based on a blatant lie of WMD in order to line their pockets, their Republican cronies’ pockets and big business’ pockets with oil money. Their lies have caused an incredible run-up in gasoline prices. This is a major factor in the plumetting of our economy. Oh yeah —– this was also the impetus for our loss of over 4000 American lives fighting for our “freedom” in Iraq.

Why can these miserable liars carry out such basely concocted and evilly fulfilled policies? Because they can. Because we let them. Because they have attained positions of power and abused every inch possible.

Kick the bastards out now. The only people who deserve to be waterboarded are Bush and Cheney. Blow them out of the water. They should be assigned to the eternal circle of shame in Hell for the rest of their days in payment for their horrible abuse of our government, our economy and our people.

Mad As Hell

June 19, 2008

I worry about the well-being of Keith Olbermann. I worry about the toll of my own anger towards our current administration and their self-serving, illogical, money-grubbing, corrupt and deceitful policies. Keith Olbermann is doing this country a real service by speaking out about this administration. I only hope he lives to see a new team in power led by Obama and that his anger doesn’t cut short his journey.

In this week’s issue [June 23, 2008] of The New Yorker there is a good article on Olbermann. He has justified anger and translates that outrage into explanations that the American public can understand, MUST understand.

Please go to:, his “Countdown” commentary on the current oil crisis. He explains it logically, succinctly and honestly. I understand the dirty-dealings now between the government and the oil companies. While the current Republicans are fighting to open up our pristine parklands to oil exploration and drilling, the oil companies have yet to set any kind of “exploration” in motion on the already billions of acres of leases they have sat on for the last two or three decades. They have a proven 14 years of oil supplies in the ground on the leases they already own, but have done nothing with. So how reasonable can it be to turn over to them our most precious natural grounds so that they can have control over these lands as well yet do no exploration so that the price of oil remains high? Lies, lies and more lies.

Once again, yesterday I tuned in to Bill O’Reilly’s midday radio show. It seems that the three or so times I have done this, I have hit upon ridiculous assumptions spewed by O’Reilly. Do I have some kind of ESP whereby hitting the radio button I hone in at just that time when he says such stupid lies based on no factual information, or perhaps, overall, he is just a stupid, stupid man who is resting on his laurels, self-satisfied by his audience ratings and numbers? I believe he is NOT doing his homework and is feeding the American public lies and propaganda. So yesterday he was talking about Iraq and the price of oil. He said that Iraq produces 240 million barrels of oil a day. He went on to say that after all the United States has done for Iraq(!!!!), they should have no qualms and in fact, should be happy to lower their oil prices to us by 40%. Is the man out of his mind? What exactly has this administration done for Iraq, besides destroy it politically, financially and socially? In what world is O’Reilly living? And all this destruction of Iraq by the U.S. was based on a lie, a DAMN LIE, that they had WMD which would mean the demise of our country.

Enter Joe Lieberman, the Ultimate Judas (referred to hereafter as “UJ”). He is so generous with his hawkish views regarding this country as well as Israel. A traitor from the get-go. Upon being re-elected as Senator a few years back, he promised the Democrats that, even though he was re-elected as an Independent, he would remain on their side of the aisle. Whenever he now shows his face at the Democratic Caucus, the real Democrats consider him a mole. That is exactly what he is. So what is he doing now? He is appearing side by side with McCain on the campaign trail to laud our rape of Iraq and the huge losses of our children in that debacle. Why isn’t his teenage daughter in our military, or better yet, in Israel’s military? Why isn’t Bush’s daughters serving? Probably because people such as Lieberman and Bush, in an effort to titilate their testosterone, can talk of our brave troops only in very removed generalities. UJ for VP on the Republican ticket? That’s exactly what he’s aiming for. More lies to further his own self-promotion disguised as patriotism for the masses. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

No one could EVER tell me that it is noble and patriotic for MY kids to sacrifice their lives for some politically expedient principle. I gave birth to my kids, I raised them, I love them and most important, I LIKE them. They have turned out to be human beings that I am proud to know. I don’t even believe that they are worth the sacrifice for a real principle, much less a fake war cry based on total lies. Men like Lieberman and Bush, and yes, McCain, have some nerve telling me that the this war will ensure a better life for our children. LIARS. If idiots like these men continue their outmoded, murderous policies, there will not be any children left. If these liars were truly interested is providing for the next generation, they would face squarely the vital issues at hand: the saving of our planet, honesty in government, reasonable and affordable health care for all and no corruption in business. I would so rather have the living flesh and blood of my children at my side than the sheer memory of them as defenders of “freedom.” Dead people cannot get much done to save this world and the values we hold dear.

War is outdated. It doesn’t work to help our planet and population. Peace IS patriotic, now more than ever.

So Keith Olbermann’s anger, along with mine, serve an educational purpose. I don’t know if we’ll live to see its fruition, but our outcries perhaps will raise our awareness of reality. In the June 23 edition of The New Yorker, on the bottom of page 71, is a very funny and timely cartoon. There is a husband and wife sitting in a doctor’s office. The wife is sitting in front of the doctor’s desk and the husband is standing on the desk, a mess, ranting and raving. The perplexed doctor is sitting at his desk. The caption reads, uttered by the wife, “Can you give him something to calm him down till the country gets straightened out?”

We all need “something” to get us through this horrible mess on all fronts in America. But instead of succumbing to mind-numbing drugs, get angry, get educated and get involved. And don’t you DARE tell me that our children are fulfilling the noble purpose of bringing international democracy to our world. Don’t you DARE tell me in one breath that out kids’ lives are worth the sacrifice for a free world while in another breath, they are simply being treated as another “commodity”, like crude oil. Get real, get honest, GET ANGRY!

Russert and So Much More

June 18, 2008

At the risk of being a bleeding heart, I must comment further on the life of Tim Russert. Beside being a magnificent human being (period), he also represented a generation of hope, optimism, good will and love. Perhaps this is why his death continues to hit me very hard, so hard that people do not want to listen to me anymore. So exit this site if you will.

Russert represented the boomer generation in the best way possible. We were a generation full of hope, seeking change, drastic change, change for the betterment of society. These efforts were tempered by a drive for honesty in corporate America, truth in governance and a life attitude of positivism. I am not that naive to hold that we succeeded. But damn, it was a really nice try. Tom Russert was a bridge from that era to the present.

So this is the loss I am feeling all over again with the death of Russert. He was the epitome of living a productive and meaningful life. For those of you who feel the accolades have been way over the line, I disagree with you. Very rarely does a human being like Russert come along who so perfectly blended professional and personal bliss. His humanity transcended any possible divisions you could think of: race, religion, Democrat, Republican, etc. The personal secretary of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, whom Russert worked for (he shared an office with this secretary), said today that Russert absolutely deserves all the attention he is getting in his passing. She said that he was far more competent than many Presidents and indeed, earned the grace and kudos coming his way.

After 9/11, I made a donation to the American Red Cross which was totally bastardized and misused. To make a long story short, Dan Rather’s news crew sent some reporters to interview me for the evening news. The bottom-line question they asked me was : “Will you think twice in the future about donating again to an organized charity?’ My response: “No more carte blanche”. And I held firm in that belief—-until today. Today I will donate to Catholic Charities, one of Russert’s favorite charities. I will do this because I trust him in his charitable activities. Imagine —– a nice Jewish girl like me giving to a Catholic charity. What could be better? I will also make another donation to America For Obama because he is our greatest hope for the future.

We lost our power for 24 hours earlier this week after a brief but powerful storm. So (everything from water to electricity was dead at our house) the next morning I went to McDonald’s to use the facilities and get something to eat. When I walked into the store, I was amazed at how many senior citizens were eating there. Over the years, despite the hard knocks McDonald’s has taken over their fast food image, they have became an “institution”. They are a symbol of readily affordable food, and a community eating place. I imagine in a more rural, less urbanized setting than where I live, the community aspect is of the more meaningful.
Imagine if we follow Obama’s plea that Washington needs changing, that things are definitely off-kilter. It will take many years to accomplish, but with dedication to ideals, honesty and a demand for excellence, we can do it. We have to “institutionalize” decency in government. This could take 50 years, but we must make a concerted, long term committment to these goals now. Obama is a good start. This time, unlike the Boomers, let’s not cave to personal , material needs. We need to stick to our ideals.

One last thought: the ultimate satisfaction and fulfillment in life is raising a child. If a parent puts the time and dedication into the child, the rewards are the best thing in the world. Luke Russert, Tim’s 22 year old son, has been magnificent. Admitting that his 22 years of having his father was better than anything else, short but so rewarding, Luke has not only come into his own but also will be a living legacy to his father. There is no better memorial. It is the highest calling to raise a human being to be a benefit to those around him and to society. There is no higher ideal to aspire to or attain. What is better than raising a responsible human being who will contribute to the welfare of the human race and, in turn, raise yet another human being to continue that noble effort?

So read a book to your kid tonight. Donate to Catholic Charities. Donate to Obama For America. Use Tim Russert’s name as a point of generosity. Our institution of caring and accountability starts here and now.

Who is Our Leo McGarry?

June 16, 2008

Just a funny thought: this Democratic Presidential campaign has followed, almost to a T, the plot of the television series “The West Wing”. After Jimmy Smits, playing a member of the Hispanic minority group, gets the nod for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency, he picks as his running mate Leo McGarry, who was the former President’s chief of staff. So who will be Obama’s Leo McGarry?

Joseph Biden comes to my mind first. However, my astute son Chuck, right after my post on Mark Warner being the VP candidate, stated that Warner’s current run (and probable win) for one of Virginia’s Senate seats won’t allow him to go for the VP spot.   Firstly because that seat, currently held by Republican John Warner, is more important than the VP position for the overall health of the Democratic Party. Secondly, Warner just yesterday announced that he will not seek nor accept any other government position  I would be interested in your opinion on this, so drop me a line under “comments”.

The Blank White Board

June 15, 2008

Tim Russert, a man for the ages, was the standard we should all aspire to. Professionally and personally he was a hero.

In his work life, he was thorough, fair and most important, honest. As a result, he was a great educator of the American people. And it is no easy feat to get Americans to listen. So his responsibility was great and thus, he took it very seriously. That is the definition of commitment, of excellence. He was a source of the truth, something in this age of immediate internet information and dissemination was vital.

He was also a devoted family man. The love and devotion his dad, “Big Russ”, exhibited to Tim, so did Tim show that love for his own son. That transmission of values and love from one generation to the next doesn’t always trickle down successfully. It must be dependent on some more subtle factors that can’t always be specified and quantified. But the universe looked upon the Russert men favorably, and they ran with it, and we all benefited.

So , “working somewhat in the dark”, our national leaders should do their best to try to emulate Tim Russert. They need to do their homework, place the greater good of the citizenry above all and work and live for the truth. These are very simple rules, yet so rarely accomplished.

I believe that Barack Obama is striving to meet these life goals. His lofty hopes and wishes for this country cannot always be quantified. It is very important for a person running for the top office in this country to communicate his plans and policies as well as his personal ideals. However, sometimes there is a —– what’s the right word? —– “force” at work that escapes our dissection of it. Such is the case with Obama. Sure, let’s do our vetting and tough questioning, get to the facts and always push for accountability and truth. But do not deny that there still is something esoterically special about Obama. This can exist only if the basics, like hard work and organization, set the groundwork.

So thank you, Tim Russert, for being the incredible human being you were. Hopefully your legacy will be widely felt, from the political arena to our own families. But the stars and planets will have to be magically aligned, or something of that nature, to allow such perfect integration of the things we were taught and the things we hope to accomplish.

Its All About Me Blues

June 10, 2008

It’s 97 degrees here in Virginia today. And I am even hotter than that.

I was listening to Bill O’Reilly’s radio show today (I must have had heat stroke.) while I was in the car. He was responding to NBC news anchor Brian Williams’ speech at the commencement of Ohio State. Williams told the grads that America is “broken”, and they need to “fix it”. So O’reilly chimes in that he himself is very satisfied with HIS life. He has everything he could possibly want, e.g. fame and fortune. Then he added to his female sidekick that she looks happy with our country, as she “is wearing a beautiful gown and diamond ring”.
Is his head down deep in a hole in the ground? Is there more to life than than material accoutrements? Can he not look past his own insignificant existence? He calls his show the “no spin zone”. Either he’s spinning faster than a toy top or he is just as stupid as they come. Does he not know that he represents probably the top 5% of American citizens economically? For the majority of Americans life IS “broken”: unaffordable heath care, food and energy prices rocketing and an overall discontent with our governing forces. Life is not good right now. As a representative of the conservative, Republican sector, O’Reilly is just as clueless as our current administration is regarding the condition and pulse of our nation. THIS is why we need change.

O’Reilly went on to say that if our country is indeed broken, then it is the Democrat’s fault, because they have the majority in the House and Senate. His stupidity gets worse and worse: sure the Democrats have a simple majority in Congress, but they do not have the 60 votes in the Senate to bring new legislation to the floor. Furthermore and of the utmost importance, the Senate Democrats do not have the 60 votes needed to override Bush’s vetoes. So for O’Reilly to hold that the Democrats are responsible for the international, economic and social mess we are in, is just dead wrong. A simple majority in Congress does NOT translate into wielding actual power. Go take a civics course O’Reilly.

This is why Obama is our best shot to alter the broken path of the U.S. I do believe that his promises will turn into palliative actions. Slowly but surely, he is coming out with economic solutions. Give him more time, and he will offer treatments for our foreign policy and damaged international relationships. Give him half a minute, and maybe we will have affordable heath insurance for everyone. However, his most attractive trait is his desire and ability to bring others over to his side and actually GET THE JOB DONE. This is where my money is: a fierce drive for solutions with an emphasis on working together. Obama can breach the partisan chasm that has run our country almost aground.

Today the Obama for America campaign announced that they will have staff in every one of our 50 states during this race. Again, a show of wanting to really be there for the people while drawing in Americans to take responsibility for the direction of our country. The Obama organization has the funds to carry out this plan because, as it clearly demonstrated during the Democratic nomination race, they have excellent staff people who ran the campaign, both philosphically and financially, like pros. As O’Reilly demonstrated today, the Republicans firstly, couldn’t give a rat’s behind for being there for everyday, ordinary Americans. Secondly, they will downplay the importance of being present in the states for Americans. Of course the real reason the Republicans will not have a network like that of Obama is because they simply do not have the money. But spin we will.

There is a long time to go before Election Day in November. I urge you, should you come across a person who is going to vote for John McCain, to quietly but strongly, suggest that they look at the two PEOPLE running for the Presidency. They need to go beyond just the platform, and really consider the efficacy and intentions the two candidates. Gently help them reach the better side of sanity, compassion and patriotism.


June 8, 2008

Big Brown just lost the Belmont Stakes and with that, the Triple Crown of horse racing. I say, “Good for you, Big Brown. At least you are alive to tell the story.” One of his front hooves was cracked and I was scared that something terrible would happen and he would have to be put down. But his wonderfully sensitive jockey felt a tentativeness about him and actually “pulled him back”. Good and generous move.

I find Big Brown’s experience today metaphorically related to that of Hillary Clinton. Her speech earlier today was good and generous. If the Hillary we saw today had been evident during her campaign, perhaps the nomination could have been hers. Let me explain.

Gender differences DO exist. Period. Gender differences should not cause unequal treatment, unequal pay and unequal opportunities. Human beings should be able to overcome those obstacles. However, sexual differences play into many areas of our lives, especially popularity contests such as political races.

Let me use the Clintons as an example. When Bill was President, I had the opportunity of meeting him twice. His charm and charisma absolutely just dripped off of him. He could win over a crowd from 1000 feet away —– and he did. Bill’s attraction to the masses helped him use whatever tactics he wanted to win politically. Whether they were sleazy, dishonest or in any way inappropriate didn’t matter. His overriding appeal always won the day.

But that didn’t work with Hillary. She deliberately chose NOT to emphasize her historical run as the first woman to take a serious stab at becoming President. She instead stressed her experience, judgment and work ethic. No doubt, one would want a President to encompass these traits. But she was looking at the task FROM A MAN’S POINT OF VIEW, from Bill’s successful runs, using Bill’s political operatives, staff and tactics. This did not sit well for a WOMAN candidate. It did not translate well for her. What worked for Bill did not work for Hillary. So as much as one would like to believe that a woman can run a campaign just like a man can, and a two-termer to boot, she couldn’t. In her speech today, it wasn’t just the content that won the day; her deep gratitude to her public, her sincere offer of support to Obama and unity for the Party and her obvious vulnerability came shining through.

So gender differences DO matter; they should be recognized, celebrated and played up to the hilt. That is what empowerment is all about: making YOUR skills and talents, based on who YOU are (in this case, a woman and not a man) the main selling point. It was a major misconception that the Clinton campaign had. They DIDN’T need Bill. In fact, he messed up more than he helped. And I do believe that the biggest stopgap measure as to why Hillary will not be chosen as Obama’s running mate, is Bill. For all of Hillary’s intellectual talents, her huge capacity for hard work and her genuine love of this country, she missed the boat over the last 17 months because she, while always aware of and communicating to the public her historical run for the Presidency, did not acknowledge nor embrace and, in fact, denied, her place as a woman. She did not believe in herself as much as she believed in the process. In the end, she came up short.

But kudos to Hillary Clinton for joining the bandwagon today. Better late than never. Only time will tell, but if the Hillary we saw today is the Hillary that will help put Obama in office in January, her rewards will be spectacular not only for herself, but more importantly, for our country. I believe that if she follows the path she set out for herself today and acts on the vision and determination exhibited in her speech, the sky’s the limit for her. Sure she had to “pull back” today. But her being good and generous will work wonders for her future. And her coattails will be phenomenal.

So the two horse races today were remarkable.  Both Big Brown and Hillary Clinton have not only survived the day, and that is not always an easy feat or a gimme, but also will go on to thrive and prosper.  I hope the same for America.

Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me

June 5, 2008

If this is unity, then I am a 24 year old goddess.

Hillary was literally a day late and a dollar short. Her speech on Tuesday night was an unnecessary, unprofessional and ungracious denial of reality. Finally yesterday, her Congressional colleagues and supporters had to call her on the carpet and threaten removal of their support unless she acknowledged Obama’s nomination. So she did that and announced that she will cede the nomination to Obama on Saturday. But wait, she is only “suspending” her campaign. She will not release her delegates.

What is going on here? Have Bill and Hill taken out a “hit” contract on Obama? Do they know something that we don’t? Why is she holding on to her delegates? Possibly for convention platform advantages? I wouldn’t put it past her to make an independent run. No, I do not think the Clintons are done —– not by a long shot. There isn’t even a teeny weeny chance that Obama will choose her for the Vice President slot. The Clinton dynasty is over and in a very ugly, selfish way. Obama represents change, a new order. The Clintons are the old order.

More importantly, where are you, ladies and gentlemen of Congress? This is the time for you to gather your courage, if you have any at all, and lay it on the line to Hillary and demand party unity NOW. Of the 18 million votes she claims to have garnered in the primaries, some polls are showing that 20 to 30 percent of those people have said they will vote for John McCain. Say something Hillary, O great Savior of our country and caring public servant. Do something, you wusses in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Open your mouths and put an end to Hillary’s blind ambition.

The Republican National Party is currently sitting on $4 million in reserves. Obama and the Democratic National Committee have $40 million on tap. I have spoken with many Republicans, especially current military personnel who are or have been in Afghanistan and Iraq and they are adamant in voting for Obama in this election. So why did the head of the Republican National Party say today that McCain will get an incredible number of swing votes from Hillary? It’s spin, but if its said often and loud enough, maybe it will come true. How can Hillary just stand by and allow this garbage to be uttered without coming out and telling her supporters that they MUST vote for Obama? To stand silent is just as bad as supporting the opposition.

The following is a letter sent via email by my astute nephew Jomick to Hillary Clinton. His thoughts are succinct and absolutely correct. I am very proud of his convictions:

Perhaps Senator Clinton can show some leadership characteristics. It’s not too late. Here are just some of the many missed opprtunities that Senator Clinton had to show that she was a leader worthy of the Presidency, the Democratic nomination for the Presidency, or the Democratic nomination for the Vice Presidency.

What did Senator Clinton do when Rush Limbaugh pushed his listeners to vote for her as part of “Operation Chaos” to have the Democratic party destroy itself? Did Senator Clinton state that she was not interested in getting votes from Limbaugh’s listeners? Did she state that she would rather lose than win by getting these votes? No she did not. Where is the leadership?

When exit polls from West Virginia and Kentucky showed that as many as a fifth of Senator Clinton’s voters said that the candidate’s race was an important factor in their decision, did she say I don’t want the votes of people who make such judgments? No she did not. Where is the leadership?

Did Senator Clinton voice her concern about the fact that the DNC had stripped Florida and Michigan of their delegates at the time it happened? Did she state her concern with the DNC’s decision at any time prior to the unauthorized primaries? Did she raise the concern before she fell behind Senator Obama in the delegate count and then “won” those uncontested primaries? No she did not. Where is the leadership?

Has Senator Clinton done anything to talk down some of her supporters who assert that they will not vote for Senator Obama if he is the Democratic nominee? No she has not. Where is the leadership?

Did Senator Clinton gracefully acknowledge that Barack Obama had the delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination? Did she talk down her supporters chants of “Denver! Denver!” on the night Obama reached the delegate total to secure the nomination or during the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting? Has Senator Clinton called for the party to unify or done anything to try to get her supporters behind the presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama? No she has not. Where is the leadership?

When some of Senator Clinton’s supporters claimed that the Obama campaign was motivated by sexism and misogyny, did Senator Clinton do anything to talk it down? No she did not. Where is the leadership?

Did Senator Clinton stand up to the right-wing conspiracy type race baiting and guilt by association in the Reverend Wright and William Ayers stories? No she did not. Where is the leadership?

Opportunity after opportunity, Senator Clinton has declined to do what a leader does. She continues to do so by failing to be magnanimous and working diligently to unite the Democratic Party. The Democratic party is divided now because Senator Clinton has allowed it to become divided. This is the exact opposite of leadership. It is her continued choice to refuse to show any leadership characteristics among the multiple opportunities that she has had in this campaign that disqualifies her as a candidate for Vice President. This is the conclusion of this once fan of Senator Clinton, who is very disillusioned with her repeated choices to decline to show character and leadership in this Democratic primary contest. I am very saddened that this is where she has brought us.

So folks, its not over until its over. The saddest part is that this degradation is reflective first and foremost on Hillary herself. We cannot yet get on with fighting the real fight of the general election, which will be no easy feat. All that I can offer is that you continue to give donations and support to the Obama campaign.

As I close this entry, Barack Obama is speaking at the Nissan Center in Virginia, along with our Senator Jim Webb and out Governor Tim Kaine This is big. And Obama is stunning in his words. Words that will translate into equally amazing actions. I urge you to listen to this speech. Obama is positive in his outlook. I am positive that he will deliver.

Let’s fight for the whole enchilada.

On The Streets Of New York

June 5, 2008