cowardly lyings

Just a few short comments on the events of this past week.

Regarding Scott McClellan’s revelations, Randi Rhodes got it absolutely correct on her radio show yesterday: Scott McClellan is a coward. During his tenure as press secretary to Bush, he never cared one way or the other that the American people were being lied to —– about Katrina, the WMD in the Iraq War, the Valerie Plame treasonous outing. However, when he finally discerned that Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney and his own President were lying to him on the above three issues, that did not sit well with him. This book is McClellan’s angry, vengeful response to being lied to by his bosses. But he thought it was acceptable that the American people were being lied to. Thus, he never spoke up while he was at the White House. Nor did he speak up after he resigned. He totally wussed out until the time came for him to make a little green. He knew right from wrong, but chose instead to master the timing of that dichotomy for his own financial well-being. A greedy narcissist.

Hillary Clinton is another example of narcissistic greed. The newsman Bob Schieffer had a short blurb on the radio this morning about how the Democratic nomination will be sealed next week. He also added that, even if Clinton would pursue her fight all the way to the convention and get enough superdelegates to allow her to become the nominee, that it would be an empty victory, one she wouldn’t want like that at any rate. I disagree: to me, Clinton is one of the most selfishly ambitious human beings I have ever run across. I do believe NOTHING will stop her from securing this nomination. She does not care who she may run down and destroy in her Presidential quest. Her erroneous cries of sexism is just another of her last-ditch efforts to say anything to get her into the White House. Any way she can get to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, she will take it: lies about being ahead in the popular vote, weakening the Democratic Party as we get closer to the general election and even citing a chance of assasination to elevate her to the top spot. Just disgusting, despicable and worst of all, devisive. A greedy narcissist.

I will be up in New York next week. I am keeping everything crossed that when I have dinner with my son, Chuck, on Wednesday night, we will have a cause for celebration. I’m not counting on it though, just really hoping for it. It is time to end this insanity, Republican and Democratic alike. After all, a scoundrel is a scoundrel. A liar is a liar. Hard work coupled with reason and above all, honesty, should win the day.


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