i know we can, i know we can

You go, Teddy Kennedy!

Senator Kennedy has decided to go to Duke University for surgery, then have focused radiation and chemotherapy in Boston. And then, after all of that, Kennedy has said that he plans to go back to the Senate and “do everything he can to get Barack Obama elected as out next President”.

Take a lesson Hillary Clinton.  Take a lesson American citizens.  This is what “the greater good” is:  moving and acting outside of yourself, even when things might look dire inside of yourself,  really caring enough about honor, honesty and helping, to have the courage and humanity to look outside your own little world and work for change, to have hope for the future and work like a dog to make that hope a reality.  Senator Kennedy has set the standard now by his actions.  Senator Obama has set the goal we need to reach.

Yes you can Teddy Kennedy! Yes you will Barack Obama!  YES WE CAN.


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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    From your mouth into fate’s ears!

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