Congratulations to you, Barack Obama! Your human decency, your intellect, your organization, your incredible hard work, your message of hope and inspiration to do better and make a better world has placed you as the best Presidential candidate we’ve ever had in decades.

What a fantastic night. As I sit here, unable to sleep, I am listening to the frogs and insects outside my bedroom window. Normally I would get annoyed at them for making such a racket, keeping me up. But even they know how historical and hard-won Obama’s nomination is. So I forgive them their cacophony tonight.

Of course Hillary Clinton can not permit Obama even one night of glory. Yo mama’s mama, lovingly referred to as G-Momma and who passed away two years ago, had a a wonderfully expressive phrase to describe those who messed up a formerly smooth situation. She would say that he (or she) “really cocked it up”. Well Hillary is really “cocking it up”. Please go read Howard Fineman’s article called “Clinton Kabuki” from Newsweek. I do believe that Clinton will take this competition farther. Furthermore, she doesn’t really want to be Vice President. She will remain as senator. But in the interim, she wants control and power above all else. Not to menton the spotlight.

What ever happened to grace? Has it all but flown out the window? Absolutely not. Barack Obama is the epitome of grace. In is speech tonight, he said that Clinton ran a great race and he and the country are better off for having experienced the competition with her. Sure, he is the winner. However, imagine if Clinton would have shown some grace tonight toward Obama. Grace in the face of adversity. That would have been the most powerful act she could have committed. Unfortunately her narcissism and overwhelming personal ambition left no room for grace. Pity. What a waste.

So on with the fight. As I said months ago, Obama is the only candidate that presents himself as really “Presidential”. His words and his actions are worthy of a man “in full”. The next few months will be extrodinary: to watch as this special man conducts himself with confidence, aplomb and above all, with grace.

Thank you Barack Obama for the run of a lifetime.


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