Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me

If this is unity, then I am a 24 year old goddess.

Hillary was literally a day late and a dollar short. Her speech on Tuesday night was an unnecessary, unprofessional and ungracious denial of reality. Finally yesterday, her Congressional colleagues and supporters had to call her on the carpet and threaten removal of their support unless she acknowledged Obama’s nomination. So she did that and announced that she will cede the nomination to Obama on Saturday. But wait, she is only “suspending” her campaign. She will not release her delegates.

What is going on here? Have Bill and Hill taken out a “hit” contract on Obama? Do they know something that we don’t? Why is she holding on to her delegates? Possibly for convention platform advantages? I wouldn’t put it past her to make an independent run. No, I do not think the Clintons are done —– not by a long shot. There isn’t even a teeny weeny chance that Obama will choose her for the Vice President slot. The Clinton dynasty is over and in a very ugly, selfish way. Obama represents change, a new order. The Clintons are the old order.

More importantly, where are you, ladies and gentlemen of Congress? This is the time for you to gather your courage, if you have any at all, and lay it on the line to Hillary and demand party unity NOW. Of the 18 million votes she claims to have garnered in the primaries, some polls are showing that 20 to 30 percent of those people have said they will vote for John McCain. Say something Hillary, O great Savior of our country and caring public servant. Do something, you wusses in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Open your mouths and put an end to Hillary’s blind ambition.

The Republican National Party is currently sitting on $4 million in reserves. Obama and the Democratic National Committee have $40 million on tap. I have spoken with many Republicans, especially current military personnel who are or have been in Afghanistan and Iraq and they are adamant in voting for Obama in this election. So why did the head of the Republican National Party say today that McCain will get an incredible number of swing votes from Hillary? It’s spin, but if its said often and loud enough, maybe it will come true. How can Hillary just stand by and allow this garbage to be uttered without coming out and telling her supporters that they MUST vote for Obama? To stand silent is just as bad as supporting the opposition.

The following is a letter sent via email by my astute nephew Jomick to Hillary Clinton. His thoughts are succinct and absolutely correct. I am very proud of his convictions:

Perhaps Senator Clinton can show some leadership characteristics. It’s not too late. Here are just some of the many missed opprtunities that Senator Clinton had to show that she was a leader worthy of the Presidency, the Democratic nomination for the Presidency, or the Democratic nomination for the Vice Presidency.

What did Senator Clinton do when Rush Limbaugh pushed his listeners to vote for her as part of “Operation Chaos” to have the Democratic party destroy itself? Did Senator Clinton state that she was not interested in getting votes from Limbaugh’s listeners? Did she state that she would rather lose than win by getting these votes? No she did not. Where is the leadership?

When exit polls from West Virginia and Kentucky showed that as many as a fifth of Senator Clinton’s voters said that the candidate’s race was an important factor in their decision, did she say I don’t want the votes of people who make such judgments? No she did not. Where is the leadership?

Did Senator Clinton voice her concern about the fact that the DNC had stripped Florida and Michigan of their delegates at the time it happened? Did she state her concern with the DNC’s decision at any time prior to the unauthorized primaries? Did she raise the concern before she fell behind Senator Obama in the delegate count and then “won” those uncontested primaries? No she did not. Where is the leadership?

Has Senator Clinton done anything to talk down some of her supporters who assert that they will not vote for Senator Obama if he is the Democratic nominee? No she has not. Where is the leadership?

Did Senator Clinton gracefully acknowledge that Barack Obama had the delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination? Did she talk down her supporters chants of “Denver! Denver!” on the night Obama reached the delegate total to secure the nomination or during the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting? Has Senator Clinton called for the party to unify or done anything to try to get her supporters behind the presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama? No she has not. Where is the leadership?

When some of Senator Clinton’s supporters claimed that the Obama campaign was motivated by sexism and misogyny, did Senator Clinton do anything to talk it down? No she did not. Where is the leadership?

Did Senator Clinton stand up to the right-wing conspiracy type race baiting and guilt by association in the Reverend Wright and William Ayers stories? No she did not. Where is the leadership?

Opportunity after opportunity, Senator Clinton has declined to do what a leader does. She continues to do so by failing to be magnanimous and working diligently to unite the Democratic Party. The Democratic party is divided now because Senator Clinton has allowed it to become divided. This is the exact opposite of leadership. It is her continued choice to refuse to show any leadership characteristics among the multiple opportunities that she has had in this campaign that disqualifies her as a candidate for Vice President. This is the conclusion of this once fan of Senator Clinton, who is very disillusioned with her repeated choices to decline to show character and leadership in this Democratic primary contest. I am very saddened that this is where she has brought us.

So folks, its not over until its over. The saddest part is that this degradation is reflective first and foremost on Hillary herself. We cannot yet get on with fighting the real fight of the general election, which will be no easy feat. All that I can offer is that you continue to give donations and support to the Obama campaign.

As I close this entry, Barack Obama is speaking at the Nissan Center in Virginia, along with our Senator Jim Webb and out Governor Tim Kaine This is big. And Obama is stunning in his words. Words that will translate into equally amazing actions. I urge you to listen to this speech. Obama is positive in his outlook. I am positive that he will deliver.

Let’s fight for the whole enchilada.


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