Its All About Me Blues

It’s 97 degrees here in Virginia today. And I am even hotter than that.

I was listening to Bill O’Reilly’s radio show today (I must have had heat stroke.) while I was in the car. He was responding to NBC news anchor Brian Williams’ speech at the commencement of Ohio State. Williams told the grads that America is “broken”, and they need to “fix it”. So O’reilly chimes in that he himself is very satisfied with HIS life. He has everything he could possibly want, e.g. fame and fortune. Then he added to his female sidekick that she looks happy with our country, as she “is wearing a beautiful gown and diamond ring”.
Is his head down deep in a hole in the ground? Is there more to life than than material accoutrements? Can he not look past his own insignificant existence? He calls his show the “no spin zone”. Either he’s spinning faster than a toy top or he is just as stupid as they come. Does he not know that he represents probably the top 5% of American citizens economically? For the majority of Americans life IS “broken”: unaffordable heath care, food and energy prices rocketing and an overall discontent with our governing forces. Life is not good right now. As a representative of the conservative, Republican sector, O’Reilly is just as clueless as our current administration is regarding the condition and pulse of our nation. THIS is why we need change.

O’Reilly went on to say that if our country is indeed broken, then it is the Democrat’s fault, because they have the majority in the House and Senate. His stupidity gets worse and worse: sure the Democrats have a simple majority in Congress, but they do not have the 60 votes in the Senate to bring new legislation to the floor. Furthermore and of the utmost importance, the Senate Democrats do not have the 60 votes needed to override Bush’s vetoes. So for O’Reilly to hold that the Democrats are responsible for the international, economic and social mess we are in, is just dead wrong. A simple majority in Congress does NOT translate into wielding actual power. Go take a civics course O’Reilly.

This is why Obama is our best shot to alter the broken path of the U.S. I do believe that his promises will turn into palliative actions. Slowly but surely, he is coming out with economic solutions. Give him more time, and he will offer treatments for our foreign policy and damaged international relationships. Give him half a minute, and maybe we will have affordable heath insurance for everyone. However, his most attractive trait is his desire and ability to bring others over to his side and actually GET THE JOB DONE. This is where my money is: a fierce drive for solutions with an emphasis on working together. Obama can breach the partisan chasm that has run our country almost aground.

Today the Obama for America campaign announced that they will have staff in every one of our 50 states during this race. Again, a show of wanting to really be there for the people while drawing in Americans to take responsibility for the direction of our country. The Obama organization has the funds to carry out this plan because, as it clearly demonstrated during the Democratic nomination race, they have excellent staff people who ran the campaign, both philosphically and financially, like pros. As O’Reilly demonstrated today, the Republicans firstly, couldn’t give a rat’s behind for being there for everyday, ordinary Americans. Secondly, they will downplay the importance of being present in the states for Americans. Of course the real reason the Republicans will not have a network like that of Obama is because they simply do not have the money. But spin we will.

There is a long time to go before Election Day in November. I urge you, should you come across a person who is going to vote for John McCain, to quietly but strongly, suggest that they look at the two PEOPLE running for the Presidency. They need to go beyond just the platform, and really consider the efficacy and intentions the two candidates. Gently help them reach the better side of sanity, compassion and patriotism.

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