The Blank White Board

Tim Russert, a man for the ages, was the standard we should all aspire to. Professionally and personally he was a hero.

In his work life, he was thorough, fair and most important, honest. As a result, he was a great educator of the American people. And it is no easy feat to get Americans to listen. So his responsibility was great and thus, he took it very seriously. That is the definition of commitment, of excellence. He was a source of the truth, something in this age of immediate internet information and dissemination was vital.

He was also a devoted family man. The love and devotion his dad, “Big Russ”, exhibited to Tim, so did Tim show that love for his own son. That transmission of values and love from one generation to the next doesn’t always trickle down successfully. It must be dependent on some more subtle factors that can’t always be specified and quantified. But the universe looked upon the Russert men favorably, and they ran with it, and we all benefited.

So , “working somewhat in the dark”, our national leaders should do their best to try to emulate Tim Russert. They need to do their homework, place the greater good of the citizenry above all and work and live for the truth. These are very simple rules, yet so rarely accomplished.

I believe that Barack Obama is striving to meet these life goals. His lofty hopes and wishes for this country cannot always be quantified. It is very important for a person running for the top office in this country to communicate his plans and policies as well as his personal ideals. However, sometimes there is a —– what’s the right word? —– “force” at work that escapes our dissection of it. Such is the case with Obama. Sure, let’s do our vetting and tough questioning, get to the facts and always push for accountability and truth. But do not deny that there still is something esoterically special about Obama. This can exist only if the basics, like hard work and organization, set the groundwork.

So thank you, Tim Russert, for being the incredible human being you were. Hopefully your legacy will be widely felt, from the political arena to our own families. But the stars and planets will have to be magically aligned, or something of that nature, to allow such perfect integration of the things we were taught and the things we hope to accomplish.


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