Who is Our Leo McGarry?

Just a funny thought: this Democratic Presidential campaign has followed, almost to a T, the plot of the television series “The West Wing”. After Jimmy Smits, playing a member of the Hispanic minority group, gets the nod for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency, he picks as his running mate Leo McGarry, who was the former President’s chief of staff. So who will be Obama’s Leo McGarry?

Joseph Biden comes to my mind first. However, my astute son Chuck, right after my post on Mark Warner being the VP candidate, stated that Warner’s current run (and probable win) for one of Virginia’s Senate seats won’t allow him to go for the VP spot.   Firstly because that seat, currently held by Republican John Warner, is more important than the VP position for the overall health of the Democratic Party. Secondly, Warner just yesterday announced that he will not seek nor accept any other government position  I would be interested in your opinion on this, so drop me a line under “comments”.


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  2. Nephew Number 3 Says:

    This may sound morbid… Biden is likely to be President Pro Temp in the next ten years or so, I think if he canl;t be president then he’ll try to wait out Byrd, Kennedy, and Inoyu for that post. He’s quite a bit younger than all 3 of them.

  3. Nephew Number 3 Says:

    I was looking at the Warner election at http://www.electoral-vote.com/evp2008/Senate/Maps/Jun19-s.html (great overall site BTW – http://www.electoral-vote.com) and thinking the same thing regarding the likelihood of him as VP. Warn;ers polling almost 2 to 1 against Gilmore so it’d be silly for him to give up on an almost sure thing anyway.

    P.S. I predict McCain will pick FL Gov Charlie Christ for his VP.

  4. MiddleChild Says:

    What happened to “McGarrity”?

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    […] 1.  Joe Biden IS Barack Obama’s Leo McGarry. […]

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