Mad As Hell

I worry about the well-being of Keith Olbermann. I worry about the toll of my own anger towards our current administration and their self-serving, illogical, money-grubbing, corrupt and deceitful policies. Keith Olbermann is doing this country a real service by speaking out about this administration. I only hope he lives to see a new team in power led by Obama and that his anger doesn’t cut short his journey.

In this week’s issue [June 23, 2008] of The New Yorker there is a good article on Olbermann. He has justified anger and translates that outrage into explanations that the American public can understand, MUST understand.

Please go to:, his “Countdown” commentary on the current oil crisis. He explains it logically, succinctly and honestly. I understand the dirty-dealings now between the government and the oil companies. While the current Republicans are fighting to open up our pristine parklands to oil exploration and drilling, the oil companies have yet to set any kind of “exploration” in motion on the already billions of acres of leases they have sat on for the last two or three decades. They have a proven 14 years of oil supplies in the ground on the leases they already own, but have done nothing with. So how reasonable can it be to turn over to them our most precious natural grounds so that they can have control over these lands as well yet do no exploration so that the price of oil remains high? Lies, lies and more lies.

Once again, yesterday I tuned in to Bill O’Reilly’s midday radio show. It seems that the three or so times I have done this, I have hit upon ridiculous assumptions spewed by O’Reilly. Do I have some kind of ESP whereby hitting the radio button I hone in at just that time when he says such stupid lies based on no factual information, or perhaps, overall, he is just a stupid, stupid man who is resting on his laurels, self-satisfied by his audience ratings and numbers? I believe he is NOT doing his homework and is feeding the American public lies and propaganda. So yesterday he was talking about Iraq and the price of oil. He said that Iraq produces 240 million barrels of oil a day. He went on to say that after all the United States has done for Iraq(!!!!), they should have no qualms and in fact, should be happy to lower their oil prices to us by 40%. Is the man out of his mind? What exactly has this administration done for Iraq, besides destroy it politically, financially and socially? In what world is O’Reilly living? And all this destruction of Iraq by the U.S. was based on a lie, a DAMN LIE, that they had WMD which would mean the demise of our country.

Enter Joe Lieberman, the Ultimate Judas (referred to hereafter as “UJ”). He is so generous with his hawkish views regarding this country as well as Israel. A traitor from the get-go. Upon being re-elected as Senator a few years back, he promised the Democrats that, even though he was re-elected as an Independent, he would remain on their side of the aisle. Whenever he now shows his face at the Democratic Caucus, the real Democrats consider him a mole. That is exactly what he is. So what is he doing now? He is appearing side by side with McCain on the campaign trail to laud our rape of Iraq and the huge losses of our children in that debacle. Why isn’t his teenage daughter in our military, or better yet, in Israel’s military? Why isn’t Bush’s daughters serving? Probably because people such as Lieberman and Bush, in an effort to titilate their testosterone, can talk of our brave troops only in very removed generalities. UJ for VP on the Republican ticket? That’s exactly what he’s aiming for. More lies to further his own self-promotion disguised as patriotism for the masses. Liar, liar, pants on fire.

No one could EVER tell me that it is noble and patriotic for MY kids to sacrifice their lives for some politically expedient principle. I gave birth to my kids, I raised them, I love them and most important, I LIKE them. They have turned out to be human beings that I am proud to know. I don’t even believe that they are worth the sacrifice for a real principle, much less a fake war cry based on total lies. Men like Lieberman and Bush, and yes, McCain, have some nerve telling me that the this war will ensure a better life for our children. LIARS. If idiots like these men continue their outmoded, murderous policies, there will not be any children left. If these liars were truly interested is providing for the next generation, they would face squarely the vital issues at hand: the saving of our planet, honesty in government, reasonable and affordable health care for all and no corruption in business. I would so rather have the living flesh and blood of my children at my side than the sheer memory of them as defenders of “freedom.” Dead people cannot get much done to save this world and the values we hold dear.

War is outdated. It doesn’t work to help our planet and population. Peace IS patriotic, now more than ever.

So Keith Olbermann’s anger, along with mine, serve an educational purpose. I don’t know if we’ll live to see its fruition, but our outcries perhaps will raise our awareness of reality. In the June 23 edition of The New Yorker, on the bottom of page 71, is a very funny and timely cartoon. There is a husband and wife sitting in a doctor’s office. The wife is sitting in front of the doctor’s desk and the husband is standing on the desk, a mess, ranting and raving. The perplexed doctor is sitting at his desk. The caption reads, uttered by the wife, “Can you give him something to calm him down till the country gets straightened out?”

We all need “something” to get us through this horrible mess on all fronts in America. But instead of succumbing to mind-numbing drugs, get angry, get educated and get involved. And don’t you DARE tell me that our children are fulfilling the noble purpose of bringing international democracy to our world. Don’t you DARE tell me in one breath that out kids’ lives are worth the sacrifice for a free world while in another breath, they are simply being treated as another “commodity”, like crude oil. Get real, get honest, GET ANGRY!

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