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Forgive me for being so aloof this week.  I am preparing for a two week vacation and I am overwhelmed.  I don’t think I’ve EVER taken two weeks off from office and domestic duties.  A few diverse thoughts about the past week.

Have you seen the “Baby Alex” ads on television sponsored by Move On.Com?  It shows a young mother with her four month old son talking to John McCain.  Her final line is: “John McCain, if you say we will be in Iraq for 100 years, and you want my son —–  John McCain, YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM.”  That says it all.  If you have read my previous postings stating that war is outmoded, passe, gone with the wind, you will “get” this ad.  Give it up.  We need to simply talk with  each other, at the bare minimum, for starters.  A change is in the air and we need to go with it.  My kids are not up for grabs and neither is Baby Alex.  Go Obama.

I am feeling a kind of “let-down” about the Obama campaign.  This is more due to my all-of-a-sudden  “phew” about Obama finally nailing the Democratic nomination rather than the actual reality of a bigger fight in the general election.  Also, I am aware of a certain euphoria showing a double digit lead of Obama over McCain in the national polls.  This is a very dangerous position to assume.  I am still getting calls from Obama For America for donations.  So I am glad to see that they are much more based in the here and now than I am.  I continue to give because I continue to believe.  Complacency will get us no where.  Wise up, Yo Mama.

Obama has made certain compromises which should be expected in the general election.  He will need to do this to woo certain sectors for votes as well as  show a non-partisan side of him.  The FISA decision to exempt public utilities, such as the phone companies, from prosecution  for making available phone records of those that might be suspicious in the terrorist area, is one decision Obama has chosen to support.  I am not thrilled with that decision, but understand his motives.  I still believe his objective of civil rights along with populist support is valid.  However, I am realistic about what it will take to win the general election and I will accept certain compromises.  Let’s just say he hasn’t abused his basic principles yet and I am still with him 100 per cent.  It is definitely a slippier route than the path he had to the Democratic nomination, but I am sticking by him.  He must now reach a much larger population in order to take the ultimate prize.

What about the oil crisis?  I believe we need a combination of solutions.  Drilling and exploration must accompany a new, innovative, never-before executed conservation policy.  Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton/Gore and Bush II never addressed the energy debacle.  Ever.  Regarding exploration, we must start drilling.  However, before we open up the Alaskan gorgeous, precious Anwar, we must require that big oil drill on the billions of acres they have been sitting on for decades.  How can we turn over Anwar to them when they haven’t even explored the leases they have owned for years?   I do not agree with Obama and the others who hold that drilling is not important because it won’t affect gasoline prices for at least 10 years.  We need to consider the long-term future, not just what the gas pumps read today.  That’s been a major policy flaw:  no long-term planning.   More importantly, we need a new mind set regarding conservation.  Where the hell is the electric car?  That’s been under development for 30 years.  Are the same forces that are preventing drilling on the existing oil leases also stalling this car’s production?  Is the underlying cause for this to keep the price of oil high?  Helloooooo —— greed doesn’t hold sway anymore.

So I am off for two weeks.  Where I am going, I actually know how to turn on the television.  Therefore, I will tune in to MSNBC and have standing date with Keith Olbermann.  After listening to him, you will, for sure, hear from me.



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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    For the most part, I agree with everything you have said. I have some Machiavelli in my blood. Obama MUST do what he must do to court the populous in its entirely. I personally realize not everyone is from Massachusetts, Democratic, and generally liberal. I attended an event, had the opportunity to engage in a political conversation with a bright high school student from Mississippi. He dutifully reminded me of the fact that this country is many different countries within one and that one will never go broke underestimating the conservative nature of the American public. Obama must do what he must do.

    I agree too that the oil companies if they are to drill must drill on land they already own first. In addition, the companies get away without paying the federal government anything to lease land from which they already are pumping. This is a travesty as our government is losing billions and big oil is pocketing multi-billions that belong to the taxpayer.

    Moreover, as long as we are looking to the future not only is conservation about future energy in order but the, as I think you quite rightly pointed out, the development of ALTERNATIVE fuels is a survival necessity. Wind, solar, electric and more should be the future. My firmest belief: OIL IS FILTHY, COAL IS FILTHY and NUCLEAR WASTE IS INCAPABLE OF BEING TOTALLY WITHOUT HUGE WASTE STORAGE RISK. As long as our nation is devoted to its unlimited consumption of filthy fuels our air will be filthy, our lungs will be coated with crud, more cancer is inevitable and the ice caps will melt. Oil, coal and nuclear are recipes, in my opinion, for disaster. Nature is getting back at us for the unbridled abuse of planet earth. I am NOT for drilling for the future. I am for the exploration and development of alternative fuels and placing oil, if you will forgive the pun, on the back burner forever. It will clear our lungs, reduce global warming and reduce the our rancid political intertwining with the Middle East.

    One more thought: Electing Obama too will make our relationship with nations to our south such as Venezuela better. If one wants more, cheaper oil with humongous supplies TALK to Venezuela. Venezuela has possibly more oil than Saudi Arabia. I bet if we elect Obama Chavez would give us a pretty good deal!! Just my opinion.

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