The New York-ah, Doesn’t Work-ah

Disgusting.  Irresponsible.  Playing into and giving ammunition to America’s ignorance, racism and fear.  That is what the most recent cover art in the New Yorker magazine is.  Despite the satire and valid use of the First Amendment, this illustration was published in extremely bad taste with disregard for the effect it might ultimately have on the prize —– the election.  Knowing how liberal The New Yorker is, it is even more astonishing because the end result will be a negation of their policies and their candidate, Barack Obama.

The cover depicts Obama dressed in Arab garb with a turban and his wife Michelle, very Angela Davis looking, with a machine gun slung over her shoulder.  They are giving each other a fist bump.  The setting is clearly the Oval Office.  There is a picture of Osama Bin Laden on the wall and an American flag burning in the fireplace.  The title of the cartoon is “The Politics of Fear.”  However, you have to look inside the magazine and really search for this information.  It is only then that the satirical aspects jump out at you, that the visual impact is SO outrageous that the intent was clearly antithetical. 

Well and good for some of us.  However, for most Americans, a picture is worth a thousand words.   They will look at the visual, but hardly any will read the article.  Most Americans can’t read anything that takes longer than emptying their bowels into the toilet (not enough time, gotta get back to the large screen TV).  As i said in my earlier postings, I have come into contact with two HIGHLY educated people who have both said to me, “You know, Obama has Muslim ties.”  This cover art is fueling this fire of ignorance and fear.  Obama’s doesn’t need this and neither does our country.  So the First Amendment be damned;  this cover never should have been run.  Clearly this is an example of cutting off your nose to spite your face;  long live freedom of speech,  the hell with the election.  Living according to principle is admirable.   Discarding reality and the desired end-game in favor of that principle is just plain stupidity.

The average American, like my two educated friends, will look at this picture and add it to their arsenal of bigotry, laziness in seeking the facts and complacency for our do-nothing government.  Look who they elected for the last eight years:  a down-home, dumb-as-a-bunny and even learning resistant beer buddy.  We do not need another beer buddy to run this country.  Tell you what:  I will buy you a six pack, even a twelve pack AND show you a great time.  Just don’t vote for Grampy McSame.  Take the beer but hold that vote.

Current polls are showing that the race in now neck and neck.  Thus, another reason why this cover will have the opposite effect of the desired result.  One of my nephews, Matchu, called me this weekend very upset because he, too, is very worried that Obama might not win this election.  I told Matchu that it IS a distinct possibility that that might occur.  Matchu is in his early 30’s, both he and his wife work very hard at their jobs and are raising two children.  Their lives are stressed, hectic, but full.  However, I told him that it is not enough to feel badly about the possiblity of Obama losing this election.  He must get out there and make a difference.  Even if he can donate only $10 a month (skip two lunches) or give an hour a month of his time to the campaign, this would add incredible help to the cause and Matchu’s sense of contribution.  As Obama has always held, he WILL  get this election won, but he needs our help.  He can not do it by himself. 

So one again, let’s play “DISSIN’ FOR DOLLARS.”  Shame on The New Yorker for their twisted reasoning in publishing that cover.  Send in your checks, however much you can afford.  Show Obama we are with him.  Reward him for having to put up with such stupidity disguised as freedom of the press.  He is working for us;  shall we work for him?

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