Spoiled Dirty Rotten

I have been listening to members of both political parties rant and rave about energy policy. First of all, we have NO policy. Our first gasoline crisis in the early 70’s came and went without ANY long-term solutions. What happened to the electric car? What happened to development of alternate energy sources, such as solar and wind? As soon as gasoline prices retreated, our memory of the crisis ceased.

We cannot complain about high gasoline prices while at the same time, take NO steps to change that policy and expect NO risks inherent in a new policy. America knows one thing: immediate gratification. No go, Charlie. It is way overdue for us to face these realities. Many politicians are currently for, against, whatever, for new offshore drilling. Listen up: if we do not want to be dependent on foreign oil, then we MUST explore. And that is correct, we will NOT see the benefits of that for at least ten years. No, America, there is no quick fix. The politicians are poo-pooing many solutions because the effects will not impact CURRENT gasoline prices (and current VOTING choices). Guess what? We have ignored this problem for almost forty years, and yes, we need a plan NOW, and and then we need to ACT.

Furthermore, what kind of spoiled brats are we Americans? We want cheap energy prices, we do not want to depend on foreign oil, yet we are not willing to take any risks. Too damn bad. Offshore drilling and nuclear power come with risks. Period. But, being the largest consumer of energy in the world, it is time we took those risks, tempered with extreme caution so as to prevent a possible environmental disaster. And still this will not be a bed of roses. We can not expect cheap oil AND no risk to ourselves at all. Grow up; we can’t have our cake and eat it too. People in Europe have been paying anywhere from $7 to $10 a gallon for gasoline for years now. We have had it easy. It is now time to take responsibility for our own energy needs. This entails first and foremost, a recognition that we must develop new energy sources here at home and that those new sources will entail risk, to our shorelines, environmental landscape and possibly to our population with regard to nuclear energy.

Most important, we need to listen to Al Gore and G. Boone Pickens. We must reduce our reliance on carbon based energy and develop alternative sources, such as solar, wind and nuclear. Yes, these programs will take a minimum of ten years to come to fruition. However, if we had SERIOUSLY considered these alternatives, 10, 20, even 30 years ago, we’d be there by now. The thought of nuclear power plants makes me nauseous, but they must be a part of our overall energy overhaul. On the other hand, I just love those windmills. It isn’t just Don Quixote. They are such a clean source of energy. Of course Big Oil will fight this alternative tooth and nail. Time to tell them where to go.

But first we must make a real committment to, an admission if you will, that we need big change in this country regarding energy. Until our mindset is altered, we will sit back and continue to do nothing, just hope for the best.

The best is no longer viable. It stinks and there is no future in it. Above all, we need this new mindset to reduce our carbon footprint, for the sake of not only what you and I pay for gasoline or heating fuel, but also for the health and existence of our planet. Please take the time to view this video. A child, a mere child, has more sense than decades of our leaders and citizens:

On a different note, I wish Obama safe travel to the Mideast. Go observe, speak wisely and carefully, and PLEASE come back to us.

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