Loose Lips Reminiscences

It has been a slow week politically, so I took to reminiscing. Now usually when one looks back over life’s memories, the time frame is way back, measured by decades. I have a much shorter outlook however. So, almost in disbelief, I realized that my reminiscences went back to only two years ago.

Remember the Virginia Senate race where Jim Webb was running against former Governor George Allen? It seems like forever since that time, but it has in fact been a mere two years. First we had the Democratic primary in which Jim Webb ran against another Democrat —– forgive me —– I don’t remember his name. This other guy was actually the “truer” Democrat, whereas Webb was a conservative, former Republican. However, Webb had a better chance at winning the Senate seat against the Republican George Allen. So we Democrats went for the jugular and gave Webb the Democratic nomination. Done.

Not quite. George Allen was the Golden Boy of the Republican Party. He was the incumbent Senator already in Virginia and his reelection seemed like a cake walk. There was much talk (very serious) about Allen running for the Presidency in 2008. His prospects seemed endless.

That’s when I remember what Yo Mama’s mama (G-Momma) always said: “Watch your mouth. Control your output. Don’t run off at the mouth before using your head.” Man oh Manishevitz! Was she ever right. And thus, we had Allen derogatorily calling a college reporter “Macaca”, a racial slur, due to the darkness of his skin and the roots of his name. Need I go any further? Webb took the election and more stunningly, Allen went from god to goat. To top it off, on election night that November, it was this Webb-Allen race that was the last to report final results and when Webb won, it gave the Democrats the majority in the Senate. So this reminiscence was the gift that just kept on giving.

Then, more recently, we have Jesse Jackson. Another “mouth that roared”. His recent divisive remarks about Barack Obama, when he thought the microphone was not on, would outrage G-Momma. She would be correct in deeming him another hot-headed idiot who speaks before he thinks.

So the meaning of all of this? Kudos to Barack Obama for maintaining his poise and tact in the midst of a national campaign. Hats off to Senator Obama for presenting a (so far) very diplomatic mien in his Mideast trip. In today’s newspaper, the picture of Obama with General Petraeus in a military aircraft, flying over Basra with both of them wearing earphones, said it all. Hey look! Obama is meeting with the military heavies, he actually can communicate with them, and he really does have a brain to integrate all the nuances of our current military positions. And no, he was not a POW 40 years ago and he STILL can understand the ins and outs of military policy. Do I hear a cheer for actual judgement, educating oneself on current affairs and holding one’s tongue in favor of enhancing one’s mind? Yes I do.

This is precisely the battle that Grampy McCain is fighting: his vacuum of mental power, his lack of any important legislation, and his insistence on his military record of 40 years ago (!) just is NOT making the grade against what Obama has to offer. And then to add insult to injury, McCain bad mouths Obama when clearly, it is Obama who has the fundamental brains and perspective to grasp the overall AND nuanced battles we face regarding the economy, international relations and the environment. McCain is the one resting on his laurels based on a military record from 40 years ago. McCain is holding the PAST, Obama’s lack of military service, against Obama. But that’s history. That’s McCain’s “claim to fame”. We need to concentrate on the here and now AND the future. Obama is the one using his talents and abilities NOW to come to terms with what ails us today. As a result, Obama demonstrates the intellectual capacity, flexibility and LEADERSHIP necessary for our next President. Welcome to real time, real problems in a world that’s constantly in flux. A military record from 40 years ago coupled with a resistance to acknowledging, understanding and dealing with current problems just doesn’t cut it to be a world leader. A figurehead, maybe. But a world leader? No how. Move out of the way, old man.

Hurry home, Senator Obama. And keep on thinking before you speak. G-Momma would be so very proud.


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