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The Perfect Day

August 27, 2008

Barack Obama was just nominated to be the Democratic candidate for the Presidency. What an historical moment.

I take my hat off to the Democratic leadership and the delegates for their cohesiveness and ACCLAMATION in making this nomination. The statistical odds of winning in the general election are much greater if the candidate was nominated by acclamation.

And here’s to Hillary! She is a mensch with great seychel (get out your Yiddish dictionery). She did what was needed and I am duly impressed.

Now: let’s hope that Bill, in his speech tonight, will also act accordingly. Will he be able to place Obama’s mission above his own?

Also here’s to Joe Biden getting “down and dirty” in his address tonight.

That would make a perfect day: unity in the party, Hillary being the personification of generosity, Bill keeping his impulses under control, and Biden spicing up the fray with some NASTY directed at the Republicans.

The Fern is Wise

August 27, 2008

My sister Fernald has imparted wise words to me today.

She told her son that if he ever criticizes her again (and he will), she has the greatest excuse:  she was a POW for five years.  If McCain can level the playing field ON EVERY ISSUE using that excuse, so can Fernald.  When asked how many houses he owns, McCain didn’t know, had to check with his staff.  He was a POW for 5 years so please forgive him his ignorance.  He admitted that his knowledge of economics was meager.  By the way, did you know that he was a POW for five years?  When someone questioned him about the music of the Sixties, he had no clue.  Forgive him as he was occupied during those times being a POW.  When making an appearance on The Larry King Show, his avoidance of a definitive answer to one of the questions posed was to bring up his POW stint.

All well and good.  He proved fortitude and loyalty all those years ago in Viet Nam.  But those experiences WILL NOT fill the bill for serving as the President of the United States in the year 2009.  The issues are different, the specifics so much more complicated and of a global nature.    McCain hasn’t even made the effort to educate himself on the current problems.  Additionally, he criticizes Obama for talking about “change”, about the issues affecting our country and our world TODAY.  Surely McCain doesn’t believe that nothing has changed in 40 years, and that the skills he brought to his military career THEN will suffice to make a McCain presidency relevant and effective NOW.

Each time McCain is interviewed or gives a speech, listen carefully.  When he is stumped by a question or can not logically offset an Obama strength, he will invoke his five years as a POW directly, or refer to that period in his life subtlely, as in “I was busy during that time.”  This tact serves to excuse him from today’s issues.  Not acceptable.

Fernald’s other words of wisdom today:  the masses are asses.  Need I explain?  Certainly if the American public is willing to accept McCain’s excuses for his ignorance, they deserve each other.

And if they DO get each other, I am leaving the country.

Changing of the Guard

August 27, 2008

Just a few words before I get outta Dodge for the Maine woods.

Maureen Dowd, The New York Times Op-Ed columnist, is even more unforgiving than me.  Shoot —– she’s even harsher than G-Momma was.  Her column today:

Even after Hillary’s rousing speech last night at the Democratic Convention, Ms. Dowd is very negative on the Clintons.  I think Hillary is doing her best to support Obama.  Don’t forget that she is extremely smart, incredibly hard-working and over-the-top ambitious.  Her primary race was so close and let’s face it, she hates losing.  Not to mention the over $20 million in debt her campaign is on the hook for.  But she IS fighting for Obama as best as her personality will allow her.  However, I agree with Dowd when she cites the instances of Hillary, meeting with small groups of supporters, seeming to teeter on the edge of a full and unconditional endorsement of Obama.  She is definitely holding back, though be it  less than she has in the past.  I think it is still very important to Hillary to be “right”;  there is a part of her that would like to see her prophecy that Obama can’t beat McCain in the general election come true.  Plus, she is definitely leaving the door open to another run in 2012 or 2016.  Her need for personal validation is taking precedence over her dedication to an Obama Presidency.

Regardless of Hillary’s mixed messages, they don’t hold a candle to Bill’s negativity for the Obama campaign.  I admired Bill when he was President.  Up until about six months ago, I would have loved to see Bubba back in the White House in any capacity.  But his actions and words during the Primaries have left me totally cold.

This nonsense that the Obama team is not giving Bill his “due” is hogwash.  His time has come and gone.  His legacy will be determined by time.  However, his narcissism remains.  This is his greatest downfall.  Further, I believe that in some back corner of his being, he is experiencing somewhat of a thrill that Hillary DIDN’T get the nomination.  Sure, Hill and Bill made a pact with each other 35 years ago that BOTH of them would someday serve as Presidents.  Well, he got to the top office, but his antics and egotism surely affected Hillary’s chances of attaining that same position.  A person who has promised to support their partner, in marriage and in career advancement, DOES NOT choose behaviors that would jeopardize the other person’s chances.  But a pure narcissist does.

So yes, I agree with Dowd that the Clintons are still a hindrance to an Obama Presidency.  Hillary is trying her best;  Bill is not.  Let’s hope for somewhat of a subjugation of Bill’s ego tonight when he speaks at the convention.  I do not want to hear a laundry list of Bill’s accomplishments during his eight years as President.  I want to hear how Bill will help get Obama elected.

This is Barack Obama’s time.  This is HIS season.  This is his shot to make it better for all of us.  What are you going to do to help, Bill?

No Country For Old Men

August 24, 2008

Good Morning America! Now that we have the Democratic Presidential ticket fleshed out, it is time to do real battle. Please read Frank Rich:

Very, very correct in his facts and intuition, that Frank Rich. McCain’s most obvious deficit in this race is his age. It is time for Obama to hit McCain’s mental lapses, stammering and general lack of knowledge on all issues. Frank Rich writes in his column today that even some conservative politicos have asked for a promise from McCain that, should he win this race, he would serve only one term. As I said before, brain cells do not regenerate. If McCain is in pretty bad shape now, I cringe to think what kind of damage he will do during a Presidency with his brain cells at a constant and continuing decline. This is fact, not fiction. I don’t care how illustrious his history might have been; I do not want a person who is on the downslope side of his mental capacity leading my country. The myth of Sisyphus has no place in the Oval Office.  When I go to the polls to vote, I am voting for A PERSON EMBODYING LEADERSHIP, not a possible STAFF who will actually be the de facto leadership. We have had that for eight years with Cheney; enough is enough. My vote is priceless so please respect it.

Obama’s choice of Biden for VP is good. Not, mind you, spine-tingling, truly gutsy or innovative. But this selection is what is needed now. Obama had to go more mainstream in his choice due to some developing factors of the last few weeks. First, with Russia’s invasion of Georgia, the importance of foreign affairs experience roared into the mix. Biden fills that bill. Secondly, Biden’s age of 65 offsets Obama’s relative youth. Finally, Biden’s tendency to verbalize at will, speak loudly and vituperiously, fills a gap in Obama’s polite demeanor. Obama can not afford to veer too far off course emotionally because then he will be labeled “just another angry Black man.” Biden will play the outraged man for him.

So “Good On Ya” Obama/Biden. But now go for the jugular, play good cop, bad cop. Complement each other’s words and actions. Use each other to each one’s best advantage. Mix it up. Keep them guessing. But by all means, its time to hit them hard and fast. Go do it.

Tell the old man his time has come and gone.

The Call

August 23, 2008

HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!!  Obama really DID make that  3 A .M. call!  Does this guy have a sense of humor, irony, and a dab of “gotcha”, or what?????

The 3 A.M. Call

August 22, 2008

It is now 6:00 P.M.on Friday. Still waiting for Obama to make his VP selection.

My son has it all figured out: Obama is waiting until 3:00 A.M. to see who will answer the phone. Hillary and I understand that strategy. However I do not know how this tact will play to his “celebrity” status. Would Paris and Britney approve of the announcement in the wee hours of the morning? What would Jesse Jackson think of this upstart’s announcement at 3 A.M.? Could it be that Obama has actually stolen Jesse’s spotlight? And where will John Edwards be at this ungodly hour? Procreating again so more human beings can inherit his fantastic hair? And this 3 A.M. time would be terribly inconvenient for Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska. Sure, he might have a Land Rover, a new wood stove and a wrap-around porch in his house, but he does not have enough blankets to keep him warm in the very early Alaska morning. Al Gore will be nowhere to be found at 3 A.M. because it just isn’t green enough to rise before the sun does. Phil Gramm will whine about Obama’s time choice for his VP pick. Mitt Romney will have to excuse himself from the festivities because at 3 A.M., he is unable to find his proper Mormon underwear.

So if Obama does choose the 3 A.M. time frame for his announcement, so be it. If nothing else, it will demonstrate his continued emphasis on innovation, change and doing what he believes in.

In yet still a few more hours, if Obama has not yet made clear his intentions, God knows what is going to come out of my mouth!!!!!


August 22, 2008

It is 4:15 p.m. on Friday. Jeezy wheezy, what is taking Obama so long to announce his running mate?

We know it isn’t because he’s trying to count how many houses he has; he has only one. We know it isn’t because Hillary needs a catharsis; she’ll have to get that elsewhere. We know it isn’t because the great Commonwealth of Virginia has seceded from the Union; it hasn’t. We know that other major news of the day isn’t responsible; there is no earth-shattering news today. It isn’t because our government mortgage underwriters are solvent; they aren’t. It isn’t because the Republicans are begging Americans to forgive them for their dirty, lying politics; they aren’t. We know it isn’t because the price of a gallon of gas has come down percentage-wise in line with the price decline of a barrel of crude oil; it hasn’t. We know it isn’t because Joe Leiberman isn’t a political pimp; he is. We know it isn’t because McCain’s brain cells have rejuvenated or gotten a stem cell transplant; they haven’t. And finally, we know it isn’t because McCain is still a maverick and a fantastic candidate for the Presidency due to the five years he spent as a POW in Viet Nam; he isn’t.

So Senator Obama, let’s get this show on the road. Give us more with which to fight for you. We are all ready and waiting.

Wuss Wars

August 21, 2008

I have been enraged recently about the ugly lies that McCain has been spouting about Obama.  I am torn as to whether or not Obama should use similar negative tactics to fight fire with fire.  Should he maintain his civility and stick to the issues at hand, or should he now fight back in an equal bottom-feeding way as the Republicans are doing?  Let’s consider the options.

Joan Vennochi, in today’s Boston Globe, makes a valid point:  Obama is the only one who can erase doubt about his ability to lead this nation.

Frankly, the American “cowboy attitude”  looks for  its leaders to demonstrate passion, a bit of recklessness and especially anger.  Obama has thus far refused to take this route.  Instead he has lived by his words to conduct a civil, issue-driven campaign.  Even James Carville said today that he believes Obama has to get mad; he needs to pick an issue and throw the venom back at McCain.  Both Vennochi and Carville insist this is what the American people are looking for —– aggressive anger.  He believes that such demonstrated campaign anger would auger well for a decisive Presidency.  I guess this would go along with our history of aggression and outlaw mentality.  I am willing to support Obama in his dedication to cool thinking and rational responses.  However, one other thing has to happen for me to support Obama’s “against the grain” campaigning.

The Democratic leadership MUST step in and do some of the dirty fighting back for Obama.  Where have the likes of Gore, Hill and Bill, diarrhea mouth Schumer and virtually every other top Democrat been?  If you had to rate these wusses, it would be a hard chore to decide who is the biggest wuss.   My first choice would be the Clinton family.  I agree with Vennochi that Obama has to start fighting back by saying “NO” to the Clintons.  It is unbelievable to me that all three of them have landed speaking gigs at the convention next week.  He must start at home first and clean up the power-sapping leeches within his own party.  Obama has to come down to reality and stop hoping that this putting the Clinton’s in the spotlight will eventually pay off for him;  it hasn’t, it won’t and it makes Obama appear weak.  Get rid of them.  Their time has come and gone.

The only explanation I can come up with is that the Obama campaign has issued strict instructions to Democratic leaders NOT to fight ugly with ugly.  If this is not the case, then these Democratic wusses should be citing McCain, and Corsi, and Bush, at every lie with concise, terse facts to show the falsehoods and then follow that with calling them outright liars, cheats and narcissistic careerists.

My son has backed me up on this by saying it is unfathomable that the Bush/Cheney administration has put such DISTANCE between the Iraq  war and the average American.  This has allowed the moron and his Svengali to mislead the public about every facet of the war.  Before Americans will step up to the plate and finally say “Enough”, they are going to have to feel the pain a lot more than they are feeling it now.

I say if that is what it is going to take, BRING IT ON.  Enough wussiness from our leaders of BOTH parties and the public they serve.   Unfortunately Americans never know how lucky they are until their homes, money, livelihoods and freedoms are taken away.  We like being agrgessive and often careless.  Let Obama show a tinge of angered emotion at this point.  But by all means, the Democratic leadership should NOW pick up his slack and hit the Republicans HARD AND FAST.

If they can’t or won’t do it, it is time for a third party:  the  UNWUSSIES.  Poop or get off the pot.  If not now, WHEN?


August 20, 2008

My nephew Esevan sent me this link.

I am torn.  Should Obama maintain his decent stance in the campaign, or start to fire with fire?   What do you think?

Breathe Deep

August 20, 2008

What is our country coming to?

Does integrity, honesty and intellectual coherency matter anymore? Did it ever matter? Is human decency and personal respect irrelevant? Based on John McCain’s campaign tactics and their favorable poll results today, I have to believe that lies and dirty dealings have won the day.

Please view Keith Olbermann’s video on McCain’s speech in front of the Veterans’ Association:

Olbermann is so logical and specific in his charges. He always accompanies his statements with citations and facts, as if he were defending a Ph.D. Thus his postulations are hard to deny and are as precise as a surgeon’s incisions. So why are Americans denying the truth?

Could it be as shallow a reason that all they care about are the bucks in their pockets, and they feel the Republicans will deliver this? Are we ready to sell out just like the Chinese have done: take our freedom, just give us the money? I am afraid so.

Olbermann asks that if the surge in Iraq was so successful, why is it that we are still there with not a soldier less than during the surge? If the surge was even as partially successful as the Republicans say, certainly at least SOME of our soldiers would be home by now. If the surge really worked, why are we still spending $10 billion a month on the war? If the surge really worked, we would have LESS soldiers there than before the surge and we would cut back our spending and make the Iraqis use THEIR $79 billion surplus. Isn’t declaring the surge a success completely analagous to declaring “Mission Accomplished” five years ago? Can’t the American people see through all of these lies?

That’s the really scary part of this campaign: that the Republicans just straight out lie about reality and the general public buys it. They vote for these low-down hacks.  Today, one of the polls showed that Americans strongly favor McCain over Obama on economic issues.  Can you believe this??  Here a man, McCain, who has admitted  straight out months ago that he doesn’t know squat about the economy.  And we Americans trust him  on these issues way more than Obama.  This is the blind leading the blind, the emperor’s new clothes.  Then, when things like the economy, lack of health care, mortgage foreclosures, the high price of fuel and other basic necessities give us the battle of our lives, we whine.

Well, not me. If you think we are in dire straits now, just wait a while. Not only will Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fold, but so will our banks. FDIC be damned: there isn’t enough money in the world, even in China, to reimburse depositors. THEN see how Americans will complain and whine. Things have to get bad enough so many people will actually lose EVERYTHING they have. At that point, maybe, and I mean JUST MAYBE, they will vote in a new administration. Or not. But I kid you not: we have yet to see the bottom of this financial fiasco.

The Republicans hold that all the Democrats do is tax and spend. It is very clear that all the Republicans do is to print money and spend. Thanks to the Bush administration”s last eight years of war-mongering, out national debt has NEVER been higher than it is right now. The net outcomes of BOTH of these party policies are the same: a bankrupt country.

So however the election turns out, America will have gotten what it deserves and asked for. The only problem is that for at least the last fifty years, our country has been split evenly right down the middle. Half the voters are Republicans and half of them are Democrats. Thus, this situation plays well to extraneous factors, such as personal attacks and ignorance of the real issues. The Republicans know this and are playing the game perfectly. I admire Obama’s decision to stay above the fray, but somehow, in some way, he must find more effective strategies. I am holding on to hope that should he NOT find a way to offset McCain’s ignorance and viciousness, that his precinct-to-entire-state management of the election will hold and deliver the electoral college votes he needs for a victory in November.

In the meantime, I want to thank my long-time friend, Miss Rhoda Barrington, for sending me Olbermann’s link. It really fired me up today, didn’t it?!

Also, I heard an interview with David Gregory of MSNBC today on the radio regarding Obama’s VP pick. He thinks it will come down to a choice between Tim Kaine and Joseph Biden. He is tending toward Kaine because he believes that Obama, in selecting Kaine, will be “doubling down” on his message of change. I agree.

So here’s to victory in November. Not to an empty, no-such-thing victory as the Republicans are seeking in Iraq. That went off the table the minute we got into Iraq based on blatant lies. No siree: here’s to hard work, constant fighting and tons and tons of hope for a change in November that will be meaningful, decent, life-altering and above all, a beautiful breath of fresh air.