A Plus B Equals WHAT??!!

Once again, something smells rotten.

This anthrax investigation, and the suicide of Ft. Detrick biodefense lab scientist Bruce Ivins, has all the makings of a cloak-and-dagger movie.  There are rumblings that  our government actually did NOT want to attribute the anthrax attacks to a scientist, but wanted to make us believe that Iraq was behind the attacks.  As my husband said, “Your enemy is never the one whom you think it is.”

Weaponized anthrax has a DNA signature, a defining genetic structure that is identifiable and able to be reproduced.  The government always knew that the anthrax in these attacks came from the Ft. Detrick lab.   So Iraq, in the blame game, was off the table from the beginning.  In addition, today in the newspapers there is some question as to whether or not Ivins was the guy responsible for these attacks.  He has had psychiatric issues that he has been hospitalized for in the recent past.  If an individual was on the brink of some mental breakdown, the constant surveillance by the FBI isn’t exactly a calming influence.   The papers today bring up the possibility that he was innocent, but pushed over the edge by federal harrassment.  Who knows?  Was the government itself behind these anthrax attacks?   Was our enemy really the ones who were supposed to protect us?

Similarly, I am beginning to have a deep belief that our real enemy in the Mideast is Afghanistan, not Iraq.  Exactly what Obama has been saying.  Look past those who you THINK are your enemies and you will find the real culprits.  Personally, I have an abiding belief that the Saudis are knee deep in this also.  Their role might be just financial, i.e. to bankroll the terrorism.  No small issue.

So why is John McCain attacking Obama so viciously?  And where the hell are the other Democrats, like Hillary and Al Gore?   They should be out there screaming and yelling in defense if Obama.  Do they believe that Obama won’t win, so they do not want their names associated with him?  Are their goals merely for the perpetuation of the self also?  I hope not.  My husband, once again my rock of wisdom, says that it is too early in the campaign for the other Democrats to fight hard for Obama.  He says the American memory is very short, and we need some time to pass.  I disagree.  Howard Dean, as the leader of the party, should have a strategy IN PLACE so that preeminent Democrats support and defend their candidate.  It should be kind of like rolling thunder —– assign perhaps Nancy Pelosi a two week period of responding to the falsehoods espoused by McCain, then assign Hillary the next two weeks, then turn it over to Biden for the next few weeks, etc., etc.  In this way, we’ll all be watching and protecting Obama’s back.

We need to AMASS our resources to get Obama elected.  Everyday Americans care mostly about a buck in their pocket.  It turns out that about 50% of Americans vote Republican because they do not want the government taking their money.  But the real kicker in all of this is the dirty games played by the Republicans.  And it is working, it is effective.  That is why we need to create and use strategies for Obama.  He can not do this alone.  Where are you O Great Democratic leadership?

Obama knows the origin of these evil forces.  In his autobiography, “Dreams From My Father”, he has a revelation during his early college years.  He would insult a fellow student; whether it was based on race, intellectual beliefs or personal habits, didn’t really matter.  Obama realized that he did this out of HIS OWN INSECURITIES, driven by fear of his own as yet undefined beliefs.  Thus, he is equally aware today of the fear apparent of many people about a possible Obama Presidency.

Yo Mama’s mama, G-Momma, always said to me when I was growing up that when someone ridicules you, it is a reflection of THEIR shortcomings, needs, a lack of faith in themselves.  It is simply a mirror of their own deficiencies.  Bingo!  Obama writes, asking himself what made him ridicule other people: “….I already knew the answer.  Fear……The constant, crippling fear that I didn’t belong somehow, that unless I dodged and hid and pretended to be something I wasn’t I would forever remain an outsider, with the rest of the world, black and white, always standing in judgment.”  The solution, he found, was “Determination, mostly.  The determination to resist the easy or the expedient.”

The Republicans are so afraid of Obama.  So McCain is now using ads that equate Obama with the Great One in the sky, trying to really offend God-fearing Americans.  Once a fight has gone from sanity to the ridiculous, you know that the perpetrators of the nonsense are losing badly.  But negative campaigning is effective.   Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me:  not true.  The Swift boat of the 2004 campaign will attest to that.  We don’t have to fight these ugly words with similar ugly words.  We need to fight back with civilty and the true facts,  The Democrats need to come together and fight this empty evil, NOT with the same destructive tactics, but with reason and ORGANIZATION.

So was Bruce Ivins the culprit in the anthrax attacks?  Or are the very people who are supposed to be protecting us really the guilty parties?  Is, and was, Afghanistan the actual terrorist threat, and was Iraq just a distraction?  Are the Republicans so desparate for a win in November and so devoid of any policy successes that they will destroy Obama personally?  You tell me.  But remember, things aren’t often what they seem.

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