Forgive me for taking up more of your time. My last two postings were long, maybe too long. If you go to:

you can read Bob Herbert’s New York Times op-ed piece on EXACTLY what I was trying to get across. Similarly, go to:

This piece also backs me up. My thoughts are pretty much mainstream. Thus, people having like thoughts translate into an existing and accepted reality. It is my breadth that is a bit (!) over the top!

However, guess who said it best? Yup. Barack Obama himself. He has responded to McCain’s accusation that Obama has “used the race card” by stating that McCain IS acting out of fear. The only option for the Republicans, given the absence of any real policy plans on bread and butter issues like education, health care, etc., is to paint Obama as risky, an “unknown entity.” Question his patriotism, label his international fact-finding trip as opportunistic, and accuse him of playing the race card when all Obama said was that he “looked different” than all the other Presidents on our currency. Fact or fiction?

Obama IS different, thank the Great Heavens, than the people who have been and are running for our highest office. He’s young, not a dug-in Washington good-ole-boy, well-spoken and doesn’t play dirty. These are traits that should be applauded, not feared. When will we ever learn?

At any rate, both Bob Herbert and Obama say things much better and more directly than I do. So go read Herbert’s piece and LISTEN to Obama.


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