Mr. Yuk

I am disgusted but not surprised by John Edwards admission today of his sexual affair. What is it with these guys who are in public office, i.e. Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Elliott Spritzer, etc. ad infinitum? Slime. Scum of the earth.

Watching Edwards statement today, I am fully convinced that he publicly confessed just so he could STAY IN THE NEWS. How does a person screw around on his wife and their children, confess to the whole ugly mess (only after the lies didn’t work) and then expect forgiveness and understanding? Not from me. The excuse that they were “thinking with their penises” doesn’t cut it. Egotistical, vain, self indulgent narcissists. Period. And then, as if their relationships with their wives and children weren’t enough to hold them to the straight and narrow, Edwards’ wife was recuperating from breast cancer. I just don’t accept it, or get it.

FLIP FLOPS?  What makes our top elected leaders believe it is acceptable for them to have no control over their sexual organs?    Uh-oh!  The penis is flip-floppong again —– gotta go satisfy the urge.  Damn everything else;  it is the flop-flops that REALLY matter.  In fact, it is the ONLY thing that matters.

And the brazenness of Edwards to run for the highest office in America KNOWING that he had this affair is just too much for me to comprehend.

Scum of the earth. And then Edwards thinks that because he admitted to his narcissism and apologized for his actions, everything is now okay.

YUK. No better than rabbits having their way with each other: no morality considered, no responsibility to loved ones, and no honesty in the unsuccessful attempt to cover up the dirty deed. LIAR. PIG.

Will this effect Obama? I don’t think so. Unfortunately though, it will DISTRACT from the real, much more important issues at hand.



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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    Agree. Maybe it’s too much in Western civilization to expect the male to have to control his appetites. Maybe it’s just in his genes (not jeans) to want to spread the wealth around and our culture just squashes the biological proclivity. I don’t know. Just some thought because I really really did like John Edwards. I think I still do with reservations for Elizabeth. It all depends on what she says. If she is okay with it then I am too. I’ll bow to her! If she is irreparably harmed then I think he is the biggest jerk.

    I’m for her now, Edward’s career is finished.

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