Mommy And Me

Go read Maureen Dowd’s column in The New York Times today:

She agrees with Yo Mama that John Edwards loved the spotlight the other day even though he was the Killer Confessor. ANYTHING for attention. What kind of mothers did these oh so needy politicians have that they must be the center of attention?

Furthermore, a word on Elizabeth Edwards: she is a strong, smart lady. I admire her tremendously. She can not realistically up and leave her husband, as Hillary should have done years ago. What with her terminal illness and two young children, there’s enough real and potential upheaval in the family already. Not to mention that she needs her husband’s health insurance, which we KNOW is the absolute Cadillac of health benefits. So stay with Pretty Boy she must.

However, as brought up by my son last night, Elizabeth already knew, when John threw his hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination, about his extramarital liason. So Elizabeth also was ready, willing and able to try and pull the wool over America’s eyes, to outright LIE to his constituency, just so her Johnny could attain self-fulfillment and, oh yes, so both of them could possibly enjoy the perks of the Presidency. Sympathy goes just so far. Have I mentioned recently what goes around, comes around?

What tickles me to no end is when a wife of a divorced or under-stress couple says, despite her ex’s sexual philandering, illegal shennanigans, etc., that “But he’s SUCH a good father.”  HAH!!!!!  Ever hear about setting examples?  Especially when there are DAUGHTERS involved —– how does a mother confabulate that her ex is a wonderful father to his daughters when he’s sh—– all over his wife?  And what should the daughters think of their mother who, after being sh—– upon by their father, either stays with him, stands by his side, and thus tacitly approves of their father’s behavior?  Twisted hypocrisy.

DON’T KID YOURSELF.  Our public demeanor is definitely mirrored from our bankrupt personal morals and ethics.  Not until individuals take the high road in their personal lives will we have a decent, morally solvent government.

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