Phoney Baloneys

I promise this will be my last words on the John Edwards affair.

Why do I bring up this issue again? Because that baby of Ms. Hunter’s belongs to Edwards. What other reason could he have had for visiting her and holding the baby at 2:00 A.M. a few weeks ago? He says that it is NOT his child, that a fellow campaign worker, Andrew Young, is the father. As Judge Judy always says, “If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true.” And Edwards’ visit to that hotel two weeks ago makes absolutely NO SENSE at all. Still lying and cheating. Not to mention the fact that he used publicly raised campaign funds to pay her $114,00 for some campaign videos. By the way, do you think he has made other payoffs to her using public funds? That would be fraud. No way is this over with yet.

Many people believe that too big a fuss is being made over Edwards’ sexual affair. They hold that it is his own personal life and what he does is his own business. WRONG. When a person is running for the highest office in the country, when a candidate TAKES OUR MONEY AND OUR VOTES to further his ambition, when this candidate VIOLATES the public trust through his lack of honesty, integrity and morality, he is just plain, and arrogantly, wrong.

Furthermore, the women in his life are not exempt from this selfishness and disregard for his constituency. In my last posting, I cited the example of the stepped-on, screwed-on, “done-me-wrong” wife. Regardless of her shabby treatment by her husband, she will almost invariably say that despite everything, “he really is such a wonderful father”. This type of woman, along with our double-dipping (at least!) Ms. Hunter, is a curse to women everywhere. Women like Ms. Hunter, who knowingly and voluntarily carry on an affair with a married man, is all of women’s WORST ENEMY, crushing a fellow female and her family all in the name of immediate gratification and self-promotion.

This atrocious behavior of Edwards will not affect the Democrats in the Presidential race.  The Republicans would never use this admittedly ugly Edwards episode against Obama if for the only reason that McCain has fessed up to having an affair while still married to his hospitalized, then recuperating, first wife.   Nevertheless, I am KEEPING EVERYTHING CROSSED that Obama is squeaky clean.

Another bit of news that I just can not wrap my mind around. Prez Bush and McCain both said today that Russia is totally wrong about invading the Republic of Georgia. At the Olympics, Bush said that even as the world is promoting world peace at the games, Russia is carrying out devastation in their conflict with Georgia. McCain also condemned Russia’s actions. So tell me: how is Russia’s invasion and indiscriminate bombing of Georgia different from our like actions in Iraq? And how does it compare to our toppling of governments in Guatemala, Iran and Iraq, just to mention a few? And how does the Russian bombings and murders in Georgia compare to our similar tactics in Iraq, having lost over 4000 U.S. soldiers, over 100,000 innocent civilians and creating a country of destroyed infrastructure, buildings and homes? I just can’t see the difference. Also, to take this double standard a step further, why is the United States justified in maintaining their nuclear arsenal while forbidding other countries to develop nuclear arms at all? What’s the rationale behind this hubris and hypocrisy?

I’ll admit, I’m having a rough day. But I just don’t get all this garbage that is going on in the world. Do you?


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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    Totally agree. Furthermore, Iraq wasn’t even on OUR border. That is the problem with American exceptionalism. They dupe the public into believing we are for truth, justice and the American way and then expend our blood and treasure. Baloney. We do things for the same reasons any other super power does — MONEY and POWER. That’s the name of the game. I vaguely remember too our once fighting on our border for territory — Mexican War anyone? Texas anyone? Oh but that’s just peachy keen. I don’t think the Mexicans and Santa Ana saw the annexation quite that way.

    There is more to Georgia than just Russian hegemony or recapturing their sphere of influence although that is part of it. Oil, oil, oil, natural gas, yada yada yada…Can we get off oil so we do not have to keep shooting ourselves in the foot? Alternative sources, alternative sources, alternative sources. That is the way out of our quagmires. Sure let Russia AND the Arabs have all the oil if and when we don’t need it.

  2. MiddleChild Says:

    You’re right, but SIMMA DOWN!!!!!!! Pissa.

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