I am not feeling very celebratory about the Democratic Convention in Denver.

First of all, what are the Clinton’s up to, really? I never felt that Hillary actually endorsed Obama as fully and whole-heartedly as she should have. Nor has she campaigned well for him since her concession speech. Look at John Kerry. Having been raked over the coals by the Republicans in the Swift boat debacle in our last national election, he has come out SWINGING against the dirty Republicans and is fighting tooth and nail for Obama. Where are Hill and Bill?

Apparently they are —– surprise, surprise, —– fighting for THEMSELVES. They are whining that they are not getting the respect, deference, and in plain old English, the ATTENTION that they feel they deserve. What the Clinton’s are missing, or just denying, is that their turn is over. Obama represents a new kind of Democrat. It is NOT a lack of respect for the Clintons that is being demonstrated by Obama; it is a different game entirely. The battle between Hillary and Obama in the primary was always generational in nature. Not only did Obama’s strategies play smarter in the primary, but his “in with the new, out with the old” message sunk the Clinton campaign. Hillary is having great difficulty in overcoming her operational and managerial deficiencies that caused her primary loss. As for any possible Clinton legacy, well, that can not be plotted like a campaign. Bill is acting like a spoiled brat. Only time will tell of the “Clinton legacy”. The more irate Bill acts in response to Obama’s ascendence, the more Hillary STILL thinks that she stands a chance of getting this nomination by calling for a delegate count at the convention (catharthis!!), the more ridiculous, out of touch and destructive they are in reality. I felt it in my bones, even after Hillary recognized Obama’s nomination, that the story ain’t over. TOLDJA. Hang on to your hats.

Now on to the Russia-Georgia conflict. As an aside, would you believe that many Americans are talking about the Russians occupying ATLANTA???? Oy vey. Bottom line: our interest in Georgia, as well as the Russians attempt to take over that country, lies in their oil resources. There are two pipelines there that mezmerize the U.S. and Russia because they DO NOT PASS THROUGH RUSSIA (what we’re happy about) AND THE MIDEAST (what Russia’s happy about). These pipelines empty out directly into the Mediterranean. It is as simple as that.

Now for the U.S to strike a deal with Poland for a missile base there is disgusting, jumping the gun, and nothing short of war-mongering. Apparently, this is right up John McCain’s alley. The only thing that excites his old bones is the thought of another war. Ask him about our stinking economy, non-existent health care policy, empty immigration policies, lack of ethics in government, etc., etc., etc. He will admit that he doesn’t know much about these areas. More shocking is his lack of drive to LEARN about them. But mention WAR, and he is right out there, gung-ho to jump on the fighting, killing, destroying, deficit-building, bankrupting war band wagon. TOLDJA. There ain’t no good in war; it is outdated, selfish, and has absolutely not one iota of a good outcome.

Let’s move on to the Vice Presidential stakes. Months ago, I predicted that former Virginia Governor Mark Warner would be Obama’s running mate. As yet we haven’t heard any kind of intimation or confirmation of this choice. However, Warner is going to give the keynote address at the convention. I do still believe he will be anointed the VP choice. Obama will use Warner’s keynote speech on one night, and then his VP acceptance speech the next night, as a double-whammy to introduce and then educate the American people on Mark Warner (of course this can only happen if the Clinton’s give ANYBODY else a shot at speaking!). True, Warner isn’t the ideal candidate in terms of foreign affairs, plus he is running for a very important Senate seat this November. But he is a maverick at running a successful fiscal operation. After his four years as Governor, Virginia was voted the best-run state in the nation. At this point, I believe the economy trumps international policy in importance in the minds of Americans.

Biden might be the more obvious VP choice, but I think his eventual appointment as Secretary of State will offset Warner’s lack of foreign policy experience. So as I said many moons ago: TOLDYA. Warner will complete the ticket.

I know I promised, but I MUST go down the John Edward’s path again. TOLDJA. The end of this story hasn’t even begun yet. The multimillion dollar house for Ms. Hunter in California? The funds paid to her directly from Edward’s PAC? As history has proven over and over again through the ages, FOLLOW THE MONEY. His visit to see her and the baby three weeks ago? No wonder one of his political operatives said today that “he isn’t doing so well.”


To all of you who so kindly were concerned about Yo Mama’s dad, G-Poppa, he has recuperated and is going home tomorrow. Whoda thunk it????? Thank you for caring, and caring enough to ask.

Yo Mama For Obama


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