Happy Days Are Here Again

My mood has lifted and I have some “funnies” for you.

In my August 11th posting titled “Phoney Baloneys” I quoted the ever-correct Judge Judy  vis-a-vis John Edwards’ visit three weeks ago to see the baby —– why would he go to see the bambino if it wasn’t his?  As the venerable judge says, “If it doesn’t make sense, its not true.”  Perfect.  Some other Judge Judyisms are two of her book titles:  “Don’t Pee on my Leg and Tell me its Raining” and “Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever.”  Her demeanor might be gruff and in-your-face, but her thoughts are sublime and TRUE.

My sister is on her way home from her annual pilgrimage to Maine.  We had a good laugh today as she reminded me of an escapade I had a few years ago when I was up there on some business.  It was the dead of winter, not exactly high tourism season.  I had reservations (very big in our family) at the Comfort Inn for $79 per night.  When I drove up to the hotel, the sign outside was flashing “Special: $45 a night for walk-ins.”   So when I entered the lobby and proceeded to the front desk, I requested the $45 rate.  Being a staunch, stubborn Mainer, the clerk refused me the rate because I had prior reservations.  So I cancelled my reservations at no penalty, walked out of the hotel, and then promptly walked back into the hotel and said, “Hello.  I am a walk-in and I would like your $45 rate.”  The clerk’s mouth dropped wide open, but she gave me my rate.

This story reminds me of the motto of my daughter’s school which she attended from the fifth grade through the twelfth:  “Find a way or make one.”  Of course the motto usually refers to issues of a higher plane than getting cheap hotel rates.  Nonetheless, I have often cited this adage because it, like Judge Judy, is direct, true and meaningful.

Barack Obama WILL find a way or make one.  Of this I am positive.

Deal of the weekend.  SUPER CHALLENGE!  During the 2000 Presidential election, Saturday Night Live aired on 2/05/00 a skit called “Breakfast in New Hampshire.”  In it, McCain was portrayed as absolutely losing his temper and his total self, kind of like his current viciousness against Obama in his political ads.  I have searched and searched and can not come up with a video of that skit.  There’s a $25 donation to Obama For America in YOUR name of you can find that video for me.



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  1. Gina Says:

    Did you ever find that skit? I’ve been searching for it too! I have been telling everybody about when John McCain (Hammond) yells, “I’m the President of New Hampshire!” I’d love to see it is you found it.

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