Breathe Deep

What is our country coming to?

Does integrity, honesty and intellectual coherency matter anymore? Did it ever matter? Is human decency and personal respect irrelevant? Based on John McCain’s campaign tactics and their favorable poll results today, I have to believe that lies and dirty dealings have won the day.

Please view Keith Olbermann’s video on McCain’s speech in front of the Veterans’ Association:

Olbermann is so logical and specific in his charges. He always accompanies his statements with citations and facts, as if he were defending a Ph.D. Thus his postulations are hard to deny and are as precise as a surgeon’s incisions. So why are Americans denying the truth?

Could it be as shallow a reason that all they care about are the bucks in their pockets, and they feel the Republicans will deliver this? Are we ready to sell out just like the Chinese have done: take our freedom, just give us the money? I am afraid so.

Olbermann asks that if the surge in Iraq was so successful, why is it that we are still there with not a soldier less than during the surge? If the surge was even as partially successful as the Republicans say, certainly at least SOME of our soldiers would be home by now. If the surge really worked, why are we still spending $10 billion a month on the war? If the surge really worked, we would have LESS soldiers there than before the surge and we would cut back our spending and make the Iraqis use THEIR $79 billion surplus. Isn’t declaring the surge a success completely analagous to declaring “Mission Accomplished” five years ago? Can’t the American people see through all of these lies?

That’s the really scary part of this campaign: that the Republicans just straight out lie about reality and the general public buys it. They vote for these low-down hacks.  Today, one of the polls showed that Americans strongly favor McCain over Obama on economic issues.  Can you believe this??  Here a man, McCain, who has admitted  straight out months ago that he doesn’t know squat about the economy.  And we Americans trust him  on these issues way more than Obama.  This is the blind leading the blind, the emperor’s new clothes.  Then, when things like the economy, lack of health care, mortgage foreclosures, the high price of fuel and other basic necessities give us the battle of our lives, we whine.

Well, not me. If you think we are in dire straits now, just wait a while. Not only will Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac fold, but so will our banks. FDIC be damned: there isn’t enough money in the world, even in China, to reimburse depositors. THEN see how Americans will complain and whine. Things have to get bad enough so many people will actually lose EVERYTHING they have. At that point, maybe, and I mean JUST MAYBE, they will vote in a new administration. Or not. But I kid you not: we have yet to see the bottom of this financial fiasco.

The Republicans hold that all the Democrats do is tax and spend. It is very clear that all the Republicans do is to print money and spend. Thanks to the Bush administration”s last eight years of war-mongering, out national debt has NEVER been higher than it is right now. The net outcomes of BOTH of these party policies are the same: a bankrupt country.

So however the election turns out, America will have gotten what it deserves and asked for. The only problem is that for at least the last fifty years, our country has been split evenly right down the middle. Half the voters are Republicans and half of them are Democrats. Thus, this situation plays well to extraneous factors, such as personal attacks and ignorance of the real issues. The Republicans know this and are playing the game perfectly. I admire Obama’s decision to stay above the fray, but somehow, in some way, he must find more effective strategies. I am holding on to hope that should he NOT find a way to offset McCain’s ignorance and viciousness, that his precinct-to-entire-state management of the election will hold and deliver the electoral college votes he needs for a victory in November.

In the meantime, I want to thank my long-time friend, Miss Rhoda Barrington, for sending me Olbermann’s link. It really fired me up today, didn’t it?!

Also, I heard an interview with David Gregory of MSNBC today on the radio regarding Obama’s VP pick. He thinks it will come down to a choice between Tim Kaine and Joseph Biden. He is tending toward Kaine because he believes that Obama, in selecting Kaine, will be “doubling down” on his message of change. I agree.

So here’s to victory in November. Not to an empty, no-such-thing victory as the Republicans are seeking in Iraq. That went off the table the minute we got into Iraq based on blatant lies. No siree: here’s to hard work, constant fighting and tons and tons of hope for a change in November that will be meaningful, decent, life-altering and above all, a beautiful breath of fresh air.


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