Wuss Wars

I have been enraged recently about the ugly lies that McCain has been spouting about Obama.  I am torn as to whether or not Obama should use similar negative tactics to fight fire with fire.  Should he maintain his civility and stick to the issues at hand, or should he now fight back in an equal bottom-feeding way as the Republicans are doing?  Let’s consider the options.

Joan Vennochi, in today’s Boston Globe, makes a valid point:  Obama is the only one who can erase doubt about his ability to lead this nation.


Frankly, the American “cowboy attitude”  looks for  its leaders to demonstrate passion, a bit of recklessness and especially anger.  Obama has thus far refused to take this route.  Instead he has lived by his words to conduct a civil, issue-driven campaign.  Even James Carville said today that he believes Obama has to get mad; he needs to pick an issue and throw the venom back at McCain.  Both Vennochi and Carville insist this is what the American people are looking for —– aggressive anger.  He believes that such demonstrated campaign anger would auger well for a decisive Presidency.  I guess this would go along with our history of aggression and outlaw mentality.  I am willing to support Obama in his dedication to cool thinking and rational responses.  However, one other thing has to happen for me to support Obama’s “against the grain” campaigning.

The Democratic leadership MUST step in and do some of the dirty fighting back for Obama.  Where have the likes of Gore, Hill and Bill, diarrhea mouth Schumer and virtually every other top Democrat been?  If you had to rate these wusses, it would be a hard chore to decide who is the biggest wuss.   My first choice would be the Clinton family.  I agree with Vennochi that Obama has to start fighting back by saying “NO” to the Clintons.  It is unbelievable to me that all three of them have landed speaking gigs at the convention next week.  He must start at home first and clean up the power-sapping leeches within his own party.  Obama has to come down to reality and stop hoping that this putting the Clinton’s in the spotlight will eventually pay off for him;  it hasn’t, it won’t and it makes Obama appear weak.  Get rid of them.  Their time has come and gone.

The only explanation I can come up with is that the Obama campaign has issued strict instructions to Democratic leaders NOT to fight ugly with ugly.  If this is not the case, then these Democratic wusses should be citing McCain, and Corsi, and Bush, at every lie with concise, terse facts to show the falsehoods and then follow that with calling them outright liars, cheats and narcissistic careerists.

My son has backed me up on this by saying it is unfathomable that the Bush/Cheney administration has put such DISTANCE between the Iraq  war and the average American.  This has allowed the moron and his Svengali to mislead the public about every facet of the war.  Before Americans will step up to the plate and finally say “Enough”, they are going to have to feel the pain a lot more than they are feeling it now.

I say if that is what it is going to take, BRING IT ON.  Enough wussiness from our leaders of BOTH parties and the public they serve.   Unfortunately Americans never know how lucky they are until their homes, money, livelihoods and freedoms are taken away.  We like being agrgessive and often careless.  Let Obama show a tinge of angered emotion at this point.  But by all means, the Democratic leadership should NOW pick up his slack and hit the Republicans HARD AND FAST.

If they can’t or won’t do it, it is time for a third party:  the  UNWUSSIES.  Poop or get off the pot.  If not now, WHEN?


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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    Obama has some fight back UTubes where he gives it to McCain but good with his seven …. let me say that again SEVEN houses. Of course McCain when asked did not know HOW MANY he had!!!! Here is the link on Huffington Post to some hard hitting UTubes Obama JUST put out. He MUST hit back.


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