No Country For Old Men

Good Morning America! Now that we have the Democratic Presidential ticket fleshed out, it is time to do real battle. Please read Frank Rich:

Very, very correct in his facts and intuition, that Frank Rich. McCain’s most obvious deficit in this race is his age. It is time for Obama to hit McCain’s mental lapses, stammering and general lack of knowledge on all issues. Frank Rich writes in his column today that even some conservative politicos have asked for a promise from McCain that, should he win this race, he would serve only one term. As I said before, brain cells do not regenerate. If McCain is in pretty bad shape now, I cringe to think what kind of damage he will do during a Presidency with his brain cells at a constant and continuing decline. This is fact, not fiction. I don’t care how illustrious his history might have been; I do not want a person who is on the downslope side of his mental capacity leading my country. The myth of Sisyphus has no place in the Oval Office.  When I go to the polls to vote, I am voting for A PERSON EMBODYING LEADERSHIP, not a possible STAFF who will actually be the de facto leadership. We have had that for eight years with Cheney; enough is enough. My vote is priceless so please respect it.

Obama’s choice of Biden for VP is good. Not, mind you, spine-tingling, truly gutsy or innovative. But this selection is what is needed now. Obama had to go more mainstream in his choice due to some developing factors of the last few weeks. First, with Russia’s invasion of Georgia, the importance of foreign affairs experience roared into the mix. Biden fills that bill. Secondly, Biden’s age of 65 offsets Obama’s relative youth. Finally, Biden’s tendency to verbalize at will, speak loudly and vituperiously, fills a gap in Obama’s polite demeanor. Obama can not afford to veer too far off course emotionally because then he will be labeled “just another angry Black man.” Biden will play the outraged man for him.

So “Good On Ya” Obama/Biden. But now go for the jugular, play good cop, bad cop. Complement each other’s words and actions. Use each other to each one’s best advantage. Mix it up. Keep them guessing. But by all means, its time to hit them hard and fast. Go do it.

Tell the old man his time has come and gone.


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