The Fern is Wise

My sister Fernald has imparted wise words to me today.

She told her son that if he ever criticizes her again (and he will), she has the greatest excuse:  she was a POW for five years.  If McCain can level the playing field ON EVERY ISSUE using that excuse, so can Fernald.  When asked how many houses he owns, McCain didn’t know, had to check with his staff.  He was a POW for 5 years so please forgive him his ignorance.  He admitted that his knowledge of economics was meager.  By the way, did you know that he was a POW for five years?  When someone questioned him about the music of the Sixties, he had no clue.  Forgive him as he was occupied during those times being a POW.  When making an appearance on The Larry King Show, his avoidance of a definitive answer to one of the questions posed was to bring up his POW stint.

All well and good.  He proved fortitude and loyalty all those years ago in Viet Nam.  But those experiences WILL NOT fill the bill for serving as the President of the United States in the year 2009.  The issues are different, the specifics so much more complicated and of a global nature.    McCain hasn’t even made the effort to educate himself on the current problems.  Additionally, he criticizes Obama for talking about “change”, about the issues affecting our country and our world TODAY.  Surely McCain doesn’t believe that nothing has changed in 40 years, and that the skills he brought to his military career THEN will suffice to make a McCain presidency relevant and effective NOW.

Each time McCain is interviewed or gives a speech, listen carefully.  When he is stumped by a question or can not logically offset an Obama strength, he will invoke his five years as a POW directly, or refer to that period in his life subtlely, as in “I was busy during that time.”  This tact serves to excuse him from today’s issues.  Not acceptable.

Fernald’s other words of wisdom today:  the masses are asses.  Need I explain?  Certainly if the American public is willing to accept McCain’s excuses for his ignorance, they deserve each other.

And if they DO get each other, I am leaving the country.


4 Responses to “The Fern is Wise”

  1. MiddleChild Says:

    If you leave, let’s go to New Zealand together – they have great antiques and weird shellfish – yum!!!!

  2. yomamaforobama Says:

    Deal. I was thinking PORTUGAL, but New Zealand is good because there is no language barrier there. YMFO

  3. amy lilley Says:

    Oh no, I thought I was going to move to Maine…so, we’re going to New Zealand??? I love antiques and weird shellfish…lol

  4. kenny rogers Says:

    Kenny respects POWs. Cause every gambler knows that the secret to survivin’ is knowin’ what to throw away and knowing what to keep.

    Keeping ABBA, which came out after his time in the hilton, is obviously his bet. Too bad he missed out on some of my songs of wisdom.

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