The Perfect Day

Barack Obama was just nominated to be the Democratic candidate for the Presidency. What an historical moment.

I take my hat off to the Democratic leadership and the delegates for their cohesiveness and ACCLAMATION in making this nomination. The statistical odds of winning in the general election are much greater if the candidate was nominated by acclamation.

And here’s to Hillary! She is a mensch with great seychel (get out your Yiddish dictionery). She did what was needed and I am duly impressed.

Now: let’s hope that Bill, in his speech tonight, will also act accordingly. Will he be able to place Obama’s mission above his own?

Also here’s to Joe Biden getting “down and dirty” in his address tonight.

That would make a perfect day: unity in the party, Hillary being the personification of generosity, Bill keeping his impulses under control, and Biden spicing up the fray with some NASTY directed at the Republicans.

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