Damned Demagoguery

The one lonely truth that Sarah Palin spoke last night was “the only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is lipstick.”  She is an ignoramus who paraded her family out to use as her political props.   What else could be the reason that her infant son and youngest daughter were at the convention last night at 11:00 P.M.?   This is not reigniting the “Mommy Wars”, but a basic tenet of childrearing.  A uterus does not impress me; half of the world’s population has them.  What does impress me is intellect and placing a premium on learning.

We already elected a President (twice!) whom we thought would be fun to have a beer with.  And that’s exactly what we got:  a boozing, born again, narrow-minded moron.  It appears we want more of that empty bravado for our future leaders.  God bless America—-the masses are asses.

Only in this warped election season can we Americans really believe that to be highly educated and well-spoken is elitist.  How dare Guiliani and Palin make fun of Obama for his eloquence and education?  The people at the convention raved at how good and effective Palin’s speech was last night.  I guess eloquence is okay for her, but NOT for an accomplished, elitist (“uppity”) black man.  How dare they degrade the seeking and fulfilling of one’s intellectual abilities?  John and Cindy McCain said that of course Palin has had foreign policy experience —– she lives so close to Russia.  I kid you not.  The Republican ticket and the American masses actually fall for this drivel, this anti-intellectual garbage.

This country is in even direr straits that I had thought.  Economically, and that, folks, is the driving issue that supercedes all others, this country has not yet seen the bottom.  READ YOUR HISTORY, damn it!!!  To me, it is frighteningly reminiscent of Germany in the late 1920’s and the 1930’s.  That country was a financial wreck, and the vacuum created by this situation  allowed a demagogue like Hitler to seize power and run with it.  The masses get angry when their needs aren’t met;  everyone looks for a scapegoat.  That was the Jewish people.  Ignorance rules.  How convenient it was to blame the Jews for all of society’s woes.  Kind of filled the bill for Hitler twice over:  he got people to believe that he was their last great hope and then he got the Germans, if not the world, to believe the only solution was to kill the Jews.

I do not think it will be the Jews this time who take the fall (what an irony that would be for traitor Joe Leiberman).  But it could very well be the Hispanics or Islamic Americans.  Every group of people, especially those on the lower rungs economically, need an even lower group to kick around, to feel superior to and destroy.  This scenario is not so far fetched and it scares me to death.

McCain/Palin are using such demagoguery to get elected.  They disguise it as Mom, apple pie and America.  Do NOT fall for these deceptions and lies.  They are promoting ignorance as a means to delivering the rewards to the well-off class, tax-evading corporations, Big Oil and consumer oriented, planet destroying interest groups.

I am so disheartened by all of this.  Female acquaintances of mine who were previously Obama supporters are now gung-ho for Palin.  They can afford the change of heart;  they have money and don’t have to worry about, for instance, a federally funded abortion for their daughters.  In fact a McCain/Palin victory would give them MORE money in their pockets.  Then they could continue to feel that they are so much better than the average American.  Scapegoatism plain and simple.

We must counteract this demagoguery.  Please, please, keep giving to Obama for America.  I do still have hope, as it appears that the electoral college votes are still in Obama’s favor.  Give what you can, and then double it.  DOUBLING DOWN AGAINST DEMAGOGUES.


4 Responses to “Damned Demagoguery”

  1. gram parsons Says:

    it is time to play DISSIN’ FOR DOLLARS everyone! enough is enough!

  2. Natalie Rosen Says:

    This is your best blog yet. I am giving more bucks now. If I have your permission I will cut and paste this into the Metro West blog. It is spot on perfect. Email me if it is okay! Perhaps, too, you could send it to the Times or put it on a public blog. It is SPOT ON!

  3. amy lilley Says:

    Bonnie…THIS IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO GO PUBLIC WITH YOUR BLOG…I totally agree w/ Natalie…please, please, please look into


    …talk to Adam if you need help…this is urgent…

  4. Nephew 2 Says:

    Gave money the day after she was rolled out as McCain’s running mate. Do you actually know people who are switching from Obama to McCain because of Palin? I haven’t met any one like that. Do they still feel that way after her divisive speech last night?

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