The Milquetoast Maverick

Now that polls are showing McCain/Palin ahead of Obama/Biden, what can we do? PLENTY.

First of all, it is of the utmost importance to register new voters. If all registered voters in this country actually voted, Obama would be a shoo-in. But they don’t and they won’t. So we must volunteer to get new voters on the records. Please read:

This is our best chance of succeeding in November.

Secondly, keep talking, especially to people of the conservative persuasion. McCain/Palin is a ticket dedicated to demonizing education and knowledge. It is a ticket that would prevent Americans from any upward mobility both educationally and economically. This is exactly what the Republican party has stood for in the past and they are very open that this is where they will continue to be in the future. Educated people, people who work hard to better themselves, people who actually care about their fellow citizens are the antithesis to the Republicans who are very up front about their goals to keep the masses powerless so that the very few well-off people at the top can reap all the rewards of society.

Shame on you, middle class women of America! To fall for such lies will be horribly detrimental to your lives. For Palin, who is a sexual abstinence supporter, this allegiance of women to her because of her family predicament is totally misguided. It is the ultimate hypocrisy when a person of means favors abstinence, instead of education, having all the resources to give the child a better life. But what about the poorer women who have no resources or education? Studies show that when children are born to women under 25 years old, the divorce rate soars, as does the poverty rate. Furthermore, the offspring is many more times likely to repeat the cycle.

The support of Palin because she is “real”, “one of us”, is a fallacy. It is the greatest con game going at the moment. So far, she hasn’t answered even one question on policy, either domestic or international. So far, American loves her because of her every-woman demeanor. The reality though is quite different. McCain is 72 years old and has had a mean form of cancer FOUR TIMES. This is not the time to idolize Palin because of her lack of knowledge, but certainly a time to question her mercilessly to see if she has the why and wherefore to step in as President. Her bulldog, take-charge personality will not replace acumen, tact and experience in running this country.

The blame goes straight to McCain. He chose her so that he could concentrate on winning over the swing vote while Palin would naturally entice the conservative right. McCain is no maverick; if he were, he would have gone with his first and strongest inclination and chosen Leiberman. That’s what a real maverick would have done. Instead, McCain is a burnt-out, ashen, old man who sold his soul and independence down the river for a win in November.

And the person who knows this best is Sarah Palin, who is absolutely drooling over the chance that she will be President some day, the sooner the better. Her fangs are out. Watch her on stage with John and Cindy McCain. Palin overpowers them completely. It is obvious who is in charge.

Maverick? Don’t think so. McCain is being eaten alive by a killer, Category 5, Mom-and-apple pie-my-ass maverick from the hinterland.


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  1. MiddleChild Says:

    In the last month or so I’ve come to realize that many, many Americans don’t care a whit about policy. All they care about is image. Let’s see if “image” pays their medical bills, union dues or their kids’ college educations. McCain/Palin is HUGE on image, but piss poor on policy, substance or reality. Good luck, you suckers.

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