Lose the Lipstick

Today, 9/11 is a solemn day, a time for remembrances. I have no doubt however, that in a few years Americans will be saying on this date, “Happy 9/11. Have a nice day:)!!” This country is having a hard time deciding which way is up. I fear a terrible decision for the future is about to come down on us. A lack of logic and reason is plowing its way through America, gathering steam every day and being powered by a visceral, gut streak that will cut American down to her toes.

But hold on: Senator Barbara Boxer was on MSNBC yesterday. Her thoughts really allowed me to breathe deep. She said that McCain/Palin are dwelling on “distract and attack”. They are totally avoiding discussion of any policies because they have nothing to counter the reality of our highest national debt ever, no national health care plan, a plummeting jobs report and a never-ending war. The Republicans are deflecting the real issues by concentrating on pseudo-cultural issues. As Boxer said about McCain, he must have a very low opinion of the electorate, to use this distract and attack method without putting forward any policy solutions.

And the American people are positively reacting to these tactics. As a result, McCain continues to throw dirt, twist the truth and bombard Obama with lies. How do you like that advertisement that said that Obama wants Kindergartners to have sex education? Why was it fine for McCain not once, but FOUR times during the campaign season, to use the term “put lipstick on a pig” and then accuse Obama of sexism when he used the term? How can America rally to a VP candidate like Palin who preaches morality and ethics in public policy yet she puts in for her own reimbursement with taxpayer’s dollars for sleeping in her own home?

This is just too wild for me. Even after McCain ran the sex ed advertisement, he had the nerve to come out yesterday and say that Obama’s attacks were merciless and have no place in the campaign. Excuse me, who was the candidate to run attack ads pre-Republican convention? Who IS the candidate who continues untrue, personally insulting accusations, while spouting off at his convention how he is conciliatory to the other side? Is McCain a plain-out liar, or is he far worse off mentally than we had thought? The Republican campaign has pretty much decided that McCain will not appear publicly without Palin at his side. John McCain —– a real dynamo, right? Oh yeah. The old man needs the gung-ho hunter mother at his side to prop him up. Now that’s a man we want leading our country.

I do not have the answer for Obama; I wish I did. I do know that sanity, knowledge and leadership are all on his side. But I am not yet positive that those factors, as opposed to blasphemy, lies, fear-mongering and ignorance, will win the election for him. I hope he stays above the fray and relies on substance. But I also hope that he finds the necessary surrogates to throw the muck back at McCain/Palin.

Here I am: a 57 year old mama who took on this enterprise to have more common ground and communication with my children. I undertook this writing endeavor also to prove to myself, after having some physical ailments diagnosed, that my brain was indeed still intact and functioning. But glory be, my heart is just as heavy as can be.

Just since McCain chose Palin as his running mate, I have lost five pounds, which is not a good thing for a person who doesn’t even clear 4′ 11″. I have developed acne at age 57. My hair is thinner than a pig’s lips WITHOUT lipstick.

But I WILL continue the good fight. Thank you Barbara Boxer for calming me down and making me see the logic inherent in Obama/Biden. But the question remains: how shall the game be played out to actually win it? Demagoguery and dirt or sense and solutions?


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  1. Maribelle Says:

    “I have no doubt however, that in a few years Americans will be saying on this date, “Happy 9/11. Have a nice day:)!!” ”

    Mom, what a beautiful idea!

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