Buckle Up

It will be a wild ride today when the financial markets open.  Toldja, toldja, toldja!

The last eight years, the Bush Administration, has “led” our country with  irresponsible abandon  both abroad and at home.  The war in Iraq was entered into based on a lie and then carried out without forethought or management as to rebuilding and withdrawal.  All of this with government experts and appointees who were going to guide us correctly.  The President has no taste for details and his judgment of personnel was atrocious.  All of this AND we have the loss of almost 4500 of our troops.  Then, when injured and maimed soldiers arrive home, they are faced with a lack of medical care and mental counseling.  Fact:  the National Guard forces, who enlisted thinking that their service would be in this country in times of domestic emergencies, have NO MEDICAL COVERAGE for their sustained injuries in Iraq once they arrive home.  So Bush and MCCain,  do not talk to me about the patriotism and honor of our troops.  Put your money where your mouth is and get these kids better.

Furthermore, our international reputation, in the past coming from a real position of strength, is in shambles.  Not only is out reputation shot, but our actual standing and influence has dwindled to a slow drip.

In the home front, what a disaster!  I have written in the past how the Republican’s policies of deregulation will be the downfall of our economy.  Buckle up.  By reckless policies starting in the lending industry, we have seen repercussions in the real estate market, the banking industry, the investment industry ad infinitum.  The lack of oversight, described by Republicans as “capitalism” at work, has hit America in its heartland and will take years to reverse.

Bush, and now McCain, like to use catchwords such as “patriotism” and “honor” as the basis for all their policies, both international and domestic.  They never speak of the necessary DETAILS that must underlie possible solutions.  Is that because they just have a distaste for any thinking, or are they not at all concerned about finding solutions?

Even those that tutored Palin for her interview with Charlie Gibson taught her big girl words, but as for real details of America’s problems and possible antidotes, well, that seems to be below those who are seeking office.  The attainment of office appears to be the end goal.

The Bush administration has essentially raped our foreign policy of any meaning, and is now, through its ignorance of any real economic policy, dismantling our national economy.  There has been no oversight, no forethought of what our current deregulation might bring, and then a denial of disaster once the bottom fell out of the markets.  Once again, as long as Bush and now McCain get to keep their high office, once Big Oil gets to keep their obscene profits, and once the arms corporations get to make their trillions based on a trumped up war, then and only then is this country described as “the best”.

It is all a facade, a masquerade.  Our foreign allies realize this now and our educated masses are aware of this greedy winner-take-all government.  However, irony of ironies, it is the downtrodden in this country who are bucking the facts.  They think “patriotism” and “honor” will put food on their tables, get them jobs, provide them with heath insurance and put gas in their cars.

Barack Obama, in a sad statement for this country’s present standing, might just have the opportunity of the ages to put back together out international standing and out national economy.  What might be needed is a complete overhaul, just like FDR did with the New Deal.  I know one thing for sure: that the “old deal” has come apart at the seams.  For the life of me, I can not imagine why Obama wants this job.  But I believe that he is up to it.  I believe he can reinstate out international strength and our domestic viability.

One small example of the conning of Americans by Republicans:  McCain came out today and said that his lack of knowledge of computers and technology is due to his disability in his hand stemming from injuries suffered while he was a POW.  Isn’t it a fact that senators receive quite a number of administrative assistants who actually do the typing?  McCain has taken a hand injury and elevated it into a philosophy of technological stupidity and ignorance.  A useless hand has turned into an even more useless brain.

I am going to check on the financial markets now.  Buckle up.  It is going to be a bumpy ride.


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  1. Natalie Rosen Says:

    Excellent piece. Well thought out and well written. It is SO well thought out that I am putting it, with your permission, on the Obama site and on my own. I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  2. Katie Winstanley Says:

    Well said. Fact: the National Guard forces, some of whom enlisted with the promise of receiving college scholarships, have been threatened that those scholarships will be revoked if they do not re-enlist. They are bribed and pressured into re-enlisting because they cannot afford to do otherwise, thanks to the failing economy. Keep it coming, Yo Mama!

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