Here are a few funnies about McCain/Palin. Oh all right, its mostly, no its ALL Palin!

In the following paid advertisement, approved by McCain/Palin, it wasn’t even the implied sexual deviancy of the Obama candidacy that really ticked me off.  After all, this ad is a straight out lie;  Obama was talking about educating young children about potential sexual molesters.  Kind of useful knowledge to have, huh?   The part that really astounded me was where it says Obama seeks to continue the “public education monopoly”. Well I’ll be: isn’t public education SUPPOSED to be a monopoly? DUH!

And yes, Ben Stein, Palin is everything McCain is not plus she is nothing that McCain is. Confusing? You betcha.

And I saved the best for last, despite its widespread screening on the web:


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