A Canary In A Coal Mine

When coal miners needed to know if the air in a coal shaft was safe, they would put a canary in a cage down there. As long as they heard the canary singing, they knew the air was safe. If the chirping went silent, no miners were sent into the mine as the silence of the canary meant there was not enough oxygen or the air was poisonous.

Thus our stock market. These wild swings of 400 points a day are only an indicator, the canary if you will, of a sick economy. The stock market itself is not the problem; it is a symptom, a mirror reflecting the underlying structural weakness in our national and global economy.

Likewise, the Bush administration”s lawlessness and rejection of legal procedures can be considered also as a sign, a canary in a coal mine. Time after time, i.e. the lie about WMD as a basis for going to war with Iraq, the Valerie Plame affair, its coverup and the refusal of the major players in that scandal (Rove, Gonzales, Miers and Cheney) to honor the subpoenas issued to them , this administration and its supportive Republican Party are getting away with murder because they can. They just can, and ARE. This canary of a government we now have is poisonous, but no effective antidotes are being offered. We are hearing the silence of the canary but ignoring it totally.

So why are we so surprised that Sarah Palin and her husband are not going to cooperate, testify or abide by the subpoenas issued to them in the Alaska Troopergate affair? The big boys in Washington are ignoring legal procedures, so the Palins are following suit. Sarah Palin is now one of the D.C. big boys. She is just as lawless as they are.

One scenario I foresee is that MCCain is hoping that Troopergate will subside until after the election. He has the attitude (hey, it worked so far for the Bush Administration) that if he does not acknowledge the possible illegal actions, they will just go away. Then, after the election, after he has used the cache of Palin to get him elected, he can toss her aside as his VP and replace her with Pawlenty or Romney. In this way he has not only taken the election, but also gotten rid of a scandal. Neat job.

You know the jig is really up when Bush, McCain or Palin invoke the will of God, that our problems are in the hands of the Lord. Translation: the situation is hopeless. This is the exact strategy that Bush used, and the masses then adopted, with the Katrina fiasco. Only God can help us now. God helps those who help THEMSELVES. Government got us into these messes, but it will be up to God to get us out of them.

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