Here’s To The Next 100

This is my 100th posting and as I promised, look at the picture below for the actual Yo Mama reveal. I know I am little in stature but my mouth makes up for that. I painted those yard signs yesterday and they are now proudly and PROMINENTLY ensconced on my front lawn.  This posting is dedicated to my kids, Chuck and Maribel.  They have, and continue to, educate me far beyond any other sources.  My efforts during this election are primarily for them, for their hopes and desires, for their future.  No matter what I have taught them during their lives, it doesn’t compare to the lessons and the love they have taught me.

In this posting, I will go over many themes previously mentioned, including being a surrogate (an avenging meanie) for the Obama campaign. Also, I want to pay tribute to three journalists who have educated me, and hopefully many others. These heroes have taken a stand in the name of truth, despite criticism, and have played very key roles in this election.

First off, let me say that this election is eating away at me. Every morning when I wake up, I go directly to the news sites on my computer to make sure that Barack Obama is still with us on this earth. After breathing a sigh if relief that he is indeed here, my anger kicks in. So here I go again.

The three writers who have my highest regard are, in order of my value assigned to them: Frank Rich of The New York Times, Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic, and Keith Olbermann of MSNBC. All three of them have, through their editorials, made plain and obvious, backed up by specific facts, the deception, lies and bad judgment of the Republican Party, the current administration and the possible McCain/Palin administration. One commonality that runs through these journalists’ pieces is outrage, disbelief and finally outright anger. These “surrogates”, if you will, for the Obama campaign are extremely important. Obama has chosen, up until very lately, to remain civil no matter what the other side throws at him. Guess what? It is time for him to show some outrage at the blatant lies that McCain/Palin are putting out there. It’s just time.

For example, just last week in response to questions on the financial crisis, McCain said that our economy was sound; yesterday he said that this fiasco is the worst crisis since World War II. A few months ago he said that he knew very little about the economy; last night on “60 Minutes”, he said he knew plenty about the economy. McCain has continuously said that Obama does not have enough experience in to be President; now McCain says that the financial turmoil is Obama’s fault because of his “tenure” in Washington. Seems to me that McCain has had a much, much longer stint in Washington than Obama. At every turn during this campaign, McCain has pleaded a simple interest in bringing together both sides while at the same time ripping apart Obama and the Democratic Party as a whole. His tactics have been nothing short of vicious and deceptive, contradicting his “gee, shucks” attitude of let’s all get along. What a hoax.

Thus, enter my first hero, Frank Rich. His Sunday columns are intellectually impeccable and biting. Throw no lies at Mr. Rich; he calls a spade a spade. Look at his article from yesterday:

Kudos to Rich for laying out the stark facts about McCain’s involvement in the Keating Five scandal. THIS is the type of truthful information that is greatly needed. Cindy and especially John McCain definitely were involved in wrong-doing during this time. It is factual, it is on paper, and the word must be disseminated. Frank Rich IS outraged by the lack of fight on the part of the Democrats, so thank you Mr. Rich for fighting the good fight.

My second hero of this campaign is Andrew Sullivan. He too has enriched my knowledge of the facts. It is amazing, if a person would just READ, how much one could learn from sources other than retail catalogues and People Magazine. Andrew Sullivan, known as a conservative writer, has completely reversed much of his political beliefs in response to this election season. And even though some of his previous tendencies still exist, I find him quite reasonable and down to earth. He made an appearance on the Bill Maher show this past Friday. Here are two clips:

I agree with his opinion that religion DOES have a place with some people, as long as it is not the fanaticism that takes hold of too many American people. Religion has no sway in politics; it is a private affair. It is of the utmost importance that, at least in this country as laid out by the architects of our Constitution, religion have no place in our government. Once that line is clouded or as many would have it, embedded, in our governmental policies, we could very well end up like many other nations who are being ruled, and ripped apart, by fanatical sects like the Taliban and Al Qaeda. No difference. So thank you Mr. Sullivan for fighting the good fight.

My third hero during these harrowing months leading up to the election is Keith Olbermann. He has a more emotional, visceral response and presence to all of these shenanigans, much like Yo Mama’s general make-up and constitution. But my hat is off to Olbermann for taking that stand, for giving us the facts to educate ourselves and for getting outraged and angry. In his editorials (and keep in mind he has NEVER denied that they are editorials), his sharp mind, backed up by extensive research, comes in second place only to his heartfelt passion. Thank you Mr. Olbermann for fighting the good fight.

We all must continue to fight the good fight. Obama, imagine how exhausted he must be, must up the rhetoric and show some outrage. I demonstrated my outrage this weekend by painting those huge lawn signs, staking them into the ground and hoping that my Republican neighbors are a tinge outraged as well. They should be: these well-to-do white collar people are going to vote for McCain/Palin because they think the Republican credo of decades, i.e. government should spend less, levy less taxes and put more dollars in each individual’s pocket, still hold. NO WAY! The Reagan administration and the last eight years of Bush created record deficits from unmonitored, lavish and uncontrolled spending on the military. It was Bill Clinton, the DEMOCRAT, who actually balanced our budget by getting spending under control and instituting reasonable taxes. As for my neighbors, not only are they downright greedy, but also their information is erroneous. So my neighbors’ thoughts are not factual and simply because of their stupidity and refusal to learn the real facts, I hope my signs really rub them the wrong way.

Thank you once again for visiting this site. Only about seven weeks to go. I wonder if my fear and trepidation —– and ANGER —– will dissipate after Election Day. Or get worse. Let’s hope for the best but work our tails off and donate fat funds to Obama ro ensure we have a fighting chance at this election.

Thank you all for fighting the good fight.


7 Responses to “Here’s To The Next 100”

  1. amy lilley Says:

    GREAT PIC yomama…and LOVE the signs…will read the recommended articles…great post…yes, only a few weeks to go…HANG IN THERE…

    HOPE/Rhoda Barington

  2. amy lilley Says:

    ps. congrats on the 100th post!!!

  3. yo nephew Says:

    and she’s beautiful!

  4. Maribelle Says:

    yo mama – i got the video up of my new song, this seemed an appropriate post to add it on as a comment. I rewrote the verses to Tom Paxton’s song “Daily News.”


  5. suzie of the west Says:

    way to “racoon ” the vote
    love, your old shortie college pal

  6. chuck Says:

    looks like the obama campaign could use a few of your signs in Virginia…

  7. Joe Says:


    A wonderful story by Yo Mama for Obama. We can all make our own home made signs like some have done here in Indiana. Obama may take Indiana after all.

    Obama Fan,


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